Austin with the Baes: Where to eat in ATX

Sometimes you just gotta take a girls trip and go have some fun, even if the fun is usually the same thing you would do back home. We pretty much shopped, ate and ate, oh, and ate again. I mean, that is what trips are for guys! I absolutely love trying new places and sharing them with the world. My love for food has always been a huge part of what makes me me and I freaking love it! So here is a little guide of some places we hit up while in ATX!

First Stop for Dinner: Sway Thai 

This restaurant had such Austin vibes, it was classic Thai food with the chill atmosphere that Austin has to offer! Absolutely loved their different dishes, even though they were all rice dishes each dish tasted so different and had unique flavors! I must for dinner in Austin!

Our second spot was: The Peached Tortilla 

The girls didn’t meet me in ATX until the next morning so for our first foodie experience together we headed here and I am so glad we did! It was the cutest lunch you ever did see! We had yummy guacamole, queso, poke bowls, poke tostadas, and kimchi fries, I mean this place was just so darn fun! This is def a spot you want to hit up for a light lunch with friends!

Third stop: Gourdoughs Donuts 

This was totally not on our itinerary because we were trying to be kinda healthy but that sure didn’t stop us from having ourselves the best donuts in ATX! This is a staple when it comes to ATX foodie scene, from their flying pig donut with bacon and maple syrup, to their mother clucker donut with fried chicken and honey butter this place takes donuts to another level.  Despite their awesome concoctions we decided to go a little safe and get the Dirty Berry that was filled with fudge icing and grilled strawberries! It was so yummy!

Fourth stop was: Hillside Farmacy

For a nice relaxing romantic dinner this is for sure the place! We had such a nice dinner here and we loved every second of it. The mussels there were my favorite thing that night, however, we recommend their roasted chicken and steak too!

Our last stop in ATX was brunch at: La Condesa

When I was looking at places to visit this restaurant kept pooping up! We loved the Mexican vibes and inspired menu! Everything was delicious and the decor there was super adorable too! It reminded me very much of Mexico City and for that very reason I fell in love with the place. We recommend getting some coffee at the end of your meal it was pretty bomb!

So yeah! We ate a lot and don’t regret it whatsoever! So hope you enjoyed my mini guide! Now off to the next trip!


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