Austin Trip 2016

There is nothing more refreshing than to take trips with friends! I knew that this labor day weekend I was not just going to sit at home but I really wanted to make memories… and of course take cute pictures! There is a saying that “Bloggers can be friends without ever meeting each other” and that is so true! The blogging community is a beautiful community, where girls can be friends and share their life and you feel like you truly know that person even without ever meeting before. Its a special bond that connects us all. Anyway, my friend Sarah and I have been close for awhile now and I finally decided to head down to Austin to visit her!

Our first stop was Perla’s an amazing seafood brunch spot that I obviously found on Pinterest. (Yes, I base my trip activities based on the cutest pins that I see lolol). I had the eggs benedict that were super good, while Monica got pancakes, and Sarah a crab omelette! It was all so yummy! This spot is definitely a MUST in Austin!

After brunch, we were in serious need of some pictures and some boba tea, or is it called pearls.. ? Ha! Apparently Monica was corrected when she used the term ‘boba’. Whatever the correct term is, this little spot has the freshest boba tea! Seriously, I saw them make everything on the spot!

Had to do a little outfit change in between, because that is what bloggers do!

Our last day was filled with yet another brunch spot called Bangers Sausage House. This place is heavenly!!! Never had I had some sausage like the way I did here. I ordered the Drunk Chicken Sausage that had: Beer, Serrano peppers, red pepper flakes, cilantro, & more beer with a side of grits… I mean go big or go home right?

 Unfortunately, we were unable to have dinner due to time crunch so our last stop was Mozarts Coffee Roasters! Where we all got some coffee for our last get together before headed back to Dallas!

Below is a little Vlog of some of the things we did while in Austin, trust us, you wouldn’t be able to handle all of the hilarious moments we made. (Hence the conversation at the end)


XOXO Dani Rios

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