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This post is sponsored by USA Network and Queen of the South but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Okay, so you know how we all have that Binge Worthy show? Don’t lie, you know you do! Well mine has become #QueenoftheSouth! I know there are several renditions of this out there but the one on the USA Network is an amazing show that I think everyone should watch. I am a little sad that there is only one season I was able to go through in like 3 days but lucky for us season 2 has just aired it was so good!! You should definitely watch the first two episodes here.

I watched the premiere with my bestie Camille and we couldn’t keep our eyes of the screen! Teresa Mendoza  is the most boss women we have ever came across! She is confident, knows what she wants, is driven, and well, she is A LOT like us! Even though she is the Boss of a cartel and the #QueenoftheSouth I couldn’t help but to think about what I am the Queen of! I asked Camille what she thought it was and she said I was the Queen of Party Planning! Which is so true! Just give me an occasion and I will have the venue, food and people there in less than 32 hours! I mean, let’s just say I know a lot of people and I get the job done just like Teresa Mendoza. For this year I organized my own birthday party and here are some pictures from it! It was a blast!

Now it can sometimes be all fun and games but honestly, Teresas character has made me realize that it’s okay to be hardcore and fight for survival in this world. Life is not easy, and the way she creates her future and sees the woman she wants to become is amazing. I go through life not knowing the final outcome but I know the person I want to become and I will fight and do what needs to be done in order to get there. At times we are faced with taking the easy road but probably a road that will end up nowhere important but when you take the big risks in life is when you shape the future to become something exciting. At times I don’t want to do shoots and stay up all night writing blog posts, but I know in the end the reward will be great and I won’t regret it! 

So yeah, this show is a much watch, and it always makes me feel empowered. 

So tune in! xoxo 

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