Calling All Margarita Lovers

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By now you should know that my love for margaritas is on another level. I think it’s honestly the salty rim (if you get sugar rim you’re doing it wrong) that gets me every time. It’s the taste of acidity with that smooth tequila that I think just makes it my favorite drink ever. Also, they always look so cute, no matter where you get them.

Well today I am going to give you my ultimate margarita recipe. It’s a skinny version and I know you will love it. It’s literally so easy.

Ready? OKAY!

RECIPE: Makes one. 

2 limes

1.5oz Gran Centenario Tequila Plata

1oz   Agavero Orange Liqueur

Sea salt

Ice Cubes

First Step: Salt the Rim. 

Step Two: Add lime juice of one whole lime. 

Step Three: Add Agavero Orange Liqueur

Step Four: Add your Gran Centenario Tequila 

Step Five: Add Ice, and bamm, you have the perfect Margarita for Labor Day! 

Now enjoy, Camille and I’s Margarita Crawl around Dallas! We chose our three favorite places and we are so excited for you guys to go try them out! Because what is life without margaritas and your best friend by your side.

XOXO Dani Rios

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