Why the Delay?

I know every one of us has some prayer request that we want answered. Some are bigger than others, and the bigger requests in our minds may require a miracle. We have faith that God is able to make that miracle happen but sometimes we are left waiting and wondering when our miracle is going to come. Have you ever thought about why God refuses to give you your miracle right now? Its not because he is an evil God right? 

Well first of let me say that life is not about us. it’s solely for Gods power to be seen through us and to expand His kingdom here on earth. We are only a tool used on earth to bring Heaven on earth. Sometimes we want a miracle right then and there and get frustrated when it doesn’t come right away, but do we ever stop and think about what Gods plan is for the delay? Maybe he doesn’t want your family member to be healed from cancer for a greater cause. We may not ever know what it is, but He does. He knows how events will create a wave and ultimately bring glory to God.

If you read my previous faith posts you know that my dad was in a really bad car accident about two years ago and he was on the verge of death for 9 straight days. I remember that in that 9 day process his current state was known by so many people that were believing and praying for Him locally and even internationally.  However, as day by day went by things looked worse and we would get discouraging updates every hour. On the 9th day he woke up and it really was a true miracle that encouraged everyone that was praying for him.

 Everyone had seen or had heard of his critical condition but because of the process, church family staying overnight at the hospitals, constant prayers, and physically seeing my dad in the hospital bed unconscious, once his healing came everyones faith was so much more stronger. My dad not only was able to get his miracle, but his miracle was a testimony that changed lives and reached even unbelievers. So in this situation I saw that there was a reason for Gods delay. My dads miracle was meant to impact other lives as well. 

So you see, sometimes we want our miracle to happen right then and there when we pray about it. Of course, God is God and He can grant you your wish right there if He wanted to, but sometimes we have to go through a process to appreciate the miracle as well. The waiting process will always help us to learn, grow, and not take the miracle for granted. If God had healed my dad the next day we wouldn’t be talking about it like we still do now. We would’ve taken his healing for granted, and our faith and other peoples faith wouldn’t have gotten stronger like it did in those 9 days. 

I was reminded of my dads story when I read the story of Lazarus. In  John 11:5-6 it clearly states that Jesus loved Lazarus. However, when he heard that Lazarus was sick He stayed where He was two more days. 

Why would Jesus do that? Why didn’t He rush home and heal Lazarus, especially because He knew that he would die from this sickness. Well again, it wasn’t about Lazarus or how fast Jesus could heal him. It is so that through that hardship, waiting and pain that Mary, Martha, and the Jews experienced   Jesus could turn Lazarus miracle into a greater gift for them. Most of the time we get our miracle, thank God and move on with our lives. However, it shouldn’t be a selfish gift we receive we should use that testimony to touch the lives of others too and encourage them in their faith. 

In Lazarus case, Jesus didn’t make it about Lazarus. He made it about everyone else involved. He wanted them to experience this miracle so their life could be changed and their faith could become stronger for the future and we see that in verse 4 Where Jesus says “ This sickness will not end in death but is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” Jesus gave everyone else a gift by giving Lazarus his miracle. 

So yes, the waiting process is difficult and sometimes painful. But hey, even Jesus was moved and cried after knowing Lazarus was dead, not because He thought he couldn’t bring him back to life, but the reality of our situation is sometimes painful and its okay to cry. We are human. Jesus wept, and so can we. Nevertheless, we must always trust God and His plan to use our waiting process for His glory. Think about your miracle, will it change other peoples lives once Jesus decides to grant you whatever miracle you need?

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