#Staycation in Dallas

It has been said that staycations are the best kind of vacations. Which I think in this case, was not true. Although I did have a blast, it was more of a workcation because we wanted to bring this blog post and vlog to you guys! I LOVE and live to showcase the most amazing spots in Dallas so I can tell you what to try out! So as Camille and I started our #staycation day we decided that we would first stop for lunch at Sumo Shack which is a Japanese eatery on SMU blvd.

We picked out several stuff from the menu that we have been wanting to try for awhile, but what really drew us into this spot was all their cute steamed buns! We got all kinds of different ones, but my favorite one was the soft shell crab steamed bun FOR SURE. We also had one of their hot dogs, ramen, and fries!

Everything was so good but we tried not to stuff our faces so we could head over to the New Ice Ny Dallas location in Uptown and get rolled ice cream!

I love ice cream, if there one sweet thing that I can never get enough off its ice cream! I have never been a huge fan of cakes, chocolates, or candy.. but ice cream is my guilty pleasure! Especially when the ice cream looks as cool as this! Ice Ny has def been my fav spot for awhile now and I totally recommend! They have amazing flavors and the staff is so nice! I personally love making my own kind!

After we were literally in a food coma, so we were so happy to head over to the Ritz Carlton where we were going to stay for the night. Immediately, we were greeted with margaritas and honestly that in itself made the stay worth it. They were so perfect and cute! You guys know your girl loves a good marg! Once we got settled in we had a special guest bring us champagne, we were treated like royalty to say the least. Of course, after a few glasses of champagne and girl talk we watched a movie and took a nap! Which was very much needed before the night!

As 7pm came around we started to get ready to head over to one of our favorite spots in Dallas called Moxies!

They have some of the best food, cocktails, and atmosphere! There is nothing that I do not like about this place! We were joined by our other friends to start off the night and it was a success! We came, we ate, we conquered, including dessert and everything!

A serious must is this toffee cake! It was and IS the best thing ever, Camille and I devoured it.

After we had dinner, we went out and danced the night away until we realized that we are too old for this and went back to the hotel to chill and talk. Anyway, I would say our first #staycation was a success! Can’t wait for our next one, but maybe now off to real vacation.

Thank you to Visit Dallas, Moxies, Ice Ny, and Sumo Shack for having us!


Here is our Vlog that we did for our food account @thedallasyum! You should follow 😉

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