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From stuffed churros, to takis locos, and a variety of popsicles you will never get tired of this place this summer.

Soooo excited to tell you that an Agua Fresca is named after me


It is the ultimate taki lovers dreams right here.

Summer is around the corner, and you know what that means! You are going to be wanting to spend all your time outside enjoying the amazing weather that is coming up. You also know that when you go out, you end up wanting some yummy popsicles to share with friends, aguas frescas to quench your thirst, or savory mexican treats for your antojo 😉 (aka cravings in spanish)

Well I am here to tell you that Encanto Pops has all of these things! From stuffed churros, to takis locos, and a variety of popsicles you will never get tired of this place this summer. I am also soooo excited to tell you that an Agua Fresca is named after me, so when you visit ask for the LittleMixico. It has a special ingredient that I am personally a big fan of, aka ginger.

Anyway, Encanto Pops just feels like home, they have all my favorite things and I love knowing I can always come here to relax on a chill Saturday or any day of the week. Last year I would come here as much as I could, but now its even better because they have added so many more items to their menu, such as stuffed churros and aguas frescas.

Now if you LOVE takis, this is going to be your jam. These Takis Locos are filled with jicama, cucumber, chamoy candy and of course, more chamoy on the top. It is the ultimate taki lovers dreams right here.

My favorite popsicles, are the Mexican Chocolate one because it’s made from actual chocolate abuelita. The best part are the little chocolate chunks that they personally add to the popsicles. I also really like the Gansito Pop, a gansito is a mexican pastry that is filled with strawberry jam and cream and then covered with chocolate. So this popsicle taste just like the actaul pastry and its delicious! They also have a lot of water based pops for those that cant eat dairy!

I hope you guys check out this spot and let me know how you like it! Also check out how we made my agua fresca below!


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    My fav Mexican treat is simple, I love fruta con Tajín y chamoy!!! So refreshing but with that fire kick!

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    My favorite Mexican treat are the rusas ,there so refreshing!!

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    I love my culture and living so close to the border there is an abundance of Mexican treats and snacks. My all-time fave treats/ guilty pleasures include gansitos, elote en vaso, mantecadas, churros and aguas frescas! Everything is just so delicious.

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    My favorite Mexican food is menudo 😋

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    Hi Dani!
    Some of my favorite Mexican treats include churros, conchas, gansitos, mangonada, a rusa, annnd paletas de limon! =)

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    Churros, guanábana with chamoy y Miguelito, and the avocado mango paleta.

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    Churros are my favorite! 🌹

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    Churros are my favorite! 🌹


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