First Living Room Space

Well, I have lived on my own for over a year now guys! It is so crazy how time flew honestly. I can seriously remember the day I moved in and had my house warming party, and the day that I spent all my money at Home Goods like it was yesterday. Although, I had lived on my own before, this was the first time that I was able to pay for everything ON MY OWN.

I have honestly always been spoiled and pretty much never had to work a day in my life (until college). However, this year was full of amazing surprises and gifts and everyday I would wake up and be so thankful for having the perfect apartment, car, and job. I always dreamed that I would be doing my own thang by 21 and I accomplished it!

I think I might have shed a few tears when I realized my life was going the way I always wanted it to, and obviously all thanks to God. This apartment was yet another wish that the Lord granted me.  I loved every minute of living here and I wouldn’t of traded it for anything else in the world. Its honestly is so awesome living on your own and #adulting. Anyway, my lease is up and now, well off to another adventure.

Okay, moving on from the sobby story, lets get into the interior designing.

Now please don’t think I was able to make this space what it is in a few months. Lol It actually took me about 4-5 months to get it exactly the way I wanted it. Interior Home Decorating takes TIMEE, unless you have an unlimited spending budget where you can just get everything that you want all at once. Even if you do, you never will be able to find everything you need all at once. I think we all know furniture and home decor is PRICEY too. However, I think by researching and really stopping at different stores you can lower those prices and really decorate the way you want. Also, Pinterest is your best friend. You can find so many ideas on there and also great ways to save money on so many different things.

Also, you should always look for local creatives that can customize pieces for you. That always makes things easier because you can create your own pieces and have unique things in your home that you will never find at a store. Two things were personally made for me, such as my console table, and my main art piece.

My console table was made by the amazing team over at Lavender Mint Designs. It was so funny because I contacted Bree, the founder of @theimanproject and I was like ‘I want an ashy grey wood table.. with like gray steel legs…’ and Bree was like ‘girl, there is no such thing..’ LOL but anyway, she made it work and created the cutest console table for me! Thanks Bree! P.S: She makes the most amazing farmhouse tables! Her work has been a part of West Elm, Belong Magazine and also her farmhouse tables and workshops have been featured on WFAA Good Morning Texas.

Now my amazing marble painting was made by the super talented @t.kauff. She was able to create the most beautiful masterpiece and was able to personalize the painting to exactly what I had envisioned it to be. I gave her some main colors I wanted to add in there and then she just created magic. This is sooo much better than buying a very bland and generic painting from the store. Another thing I love about it are the different textures she added in the painting that provide a more dimensional look and brings the whole painting to life. To contact her for commissions head over to her site. 

Having a space be the exact way you envision it brings such happiness to your everyday life honestly. I mean, who doesn’t like looking at pretty things? I know I do. If you are a creative individual you just get what I am talking about. It’s your space, and an atmosphere that you have created.

Also, you have to have IG worthy spaces to gram about on the daily! Lol One thing I will say, is that sometimes you have to decorate for beauty and not necessarily functionality. I think I sat on my couch like twice. One, because I’m never home and two, well it’s definitely made for aesthetic purposes rather than comfortableness. Anyway, home decorating is about buying pieces that you love and filling up your space little by little.  So don’t get impatient and give up. You will never find everything you need in one day, or in one store. Creating the perfect space requires time, money, and lots of creativity oh, and lots of Pinterest mood boards.

XOXO Dani Rios

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