All You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions have forever changed my life. When I was a little bit younger I would wear fake lashes everyday, and I remember thinking to myself ‘when I grow older I bet there’s going to be something where my lashes can look good ALL the time.’ And I was right, it’s called eyelash extensions. Now they have actually been around for awhile, I remember the first time I heard about them it was about 4-5 years ago. So I have actually been wearing them for about 3 years now. The minute I saw them I knew I wanted to try them out.. Now please please be careful who you go to. Although many places say they do eyelash extensions please make sure they are certified and it’s not at a random nail salon. Most nail salons claim they do lash extensions however, what they use are individual clumps of lashes that you can find at the beauty store rather than a one by one lash. Another thing you don’t know is that the glue some of these places use is very harmful to the eye and can even cause blindness. Trust me, I’ve tried it before. Even though it’s an inexpensive route to go you definitely want to splurge and get the real deal. Now enough of that rant ( That I have to keep telling my mother that claims she can get her “extensions” for $10.00) you may ask yourself who should I go to? Well, you always want to do your research, and by research I mean search on Instagram.

Most lash places always have an account where they feature their work. What you want to focus on is making sure the girls lashes in the picture look straight, have a natural look, and are fairly full. I have seen pictures of girls with barely there lashes which makes it look terrible, some that have long lashes in the inner corner of the eye, and then there’s some that are just outright crooked all over the eye. Some people don’t mind that but I am a control freak, so I like to make sure I go to someone that understands that. The look I usually go for is smaller to large at the ends using a C curl lash (which is most common and prettiest) with lengths ranging from 12″ to 16″ and I believe with a 0.15 thickness (the thicker you go the faker it looks). 16″ is considered pretty long in the lash world and I’ve actually had lashes that were 22″ long once… I know. However, I think 16″ is a decent long size that doesn’t look too over the top. Well.. for me it isn’t ha! But I’m sure other girls keep theres at 14″ the longest.

The first time you get lashes they might start at $89 all the way up to $175. I think no one should pay over $125 for a full set. Since extensions have become more popular places have dropped down their prices. Thank the Lord. I remember someone told me their full set was $200.. and I was like Uh, next!  Now refills cost about $25 after a week to $40-$50 every two weeks. That’s usually the same price for all places. Now Flirty Girl Lash Studio does their full sets for $89 which I think is amazing, especially because their work really is some of the best I have seen.

Now on your first visit you might want to reserve some time because it does tend to take awhile, usually about an hour or so. Someone with more experience will be able to finish faster, but anything more than an hour and a half for a full set is unacceptable. Full sets take about 45-60min and refills take about 25-35 minutes.

Now some questions people always ask are if it damages your actual eyelashes. Yes but no. They don’t really damage them, but they do thin out your natural lash obviously from the glue being used and probably constant weight from the eyelash extension too. Now don’t panic, if you ever decide to take a break your natural lashes will go back to their normal state. Now some people think extensions make your lashes fall off but that’s untrue. Your natural lashes shed you just don’t notice it. So whenever you see some lash extensions on your bed you might get a little scared.. but don’t worry your natural lashes were doing the same thing you just didn’t notice it.

Another question people ask is if you can do everything normal, such as rub your eye, wash your face, take showers, put on eye makeup.. and the answer to all of those is YES. Believe it or not you can do just about anything! You can rub your eyes still but probably not as hard as you used to. I mean you don’t want to be too rough on your lashes or else they will fall off pretty soon. But sure, if your eye itches go ahead and rub away! Yes, you can still wash your face like normal. I usually just use my Clarasonic avoiding my eyes, and then I splash water into my face several times at the end. You can also take showers and let the water hit your face. Although most people don’t recommend it so your lashes can last longer, I do just because I like my mascara to come off during my shower (Oh wait, you can use mascara too? YES!)

So for the eye makeup. Yes you can still do your eyeshadow or liquid liner. Girls with more natural looks probably will think the extensions are enough and not add on to them. But then there’s me.. good ole Dani. I like to do the most that means the more dramatic the better! So I put mascara on my lashes before headed out. I just make sure it’s NOT waterproof. If you end up putting waterproof mascara you may never be able to get it off because most makeup remover has oil, which makes the lashes fall out. So that is a BIG no, no.

How long do they last? This all depends on the person doing them and the way you take care of them. Some people that don’t know what they are doing will add loads of glue with each lash, and sometimes even pack them on above each other. Huge red flag. This WILL damage your lashes and also this type of technique will make the lashes stay on forever. Which really isn’t a good thing. A good time to get refills is every two weeks, three if you are really careful and don’t add mascara like me. It all depends on who is doing them too and the type of glue they use. Some people use glue that’s really good which will make them stay longer, other people, in order to save money will use a cheaper glue that results in lashes falling out sometimes after a day or two. Usually you will get little mascara brushes after your visits so you can brush them at home and make sure they stay straight and not clump up after showers, or before putting on makeup etc.

After your first initial visit you do want to wait about 24 hours before showering or getting any water on them. The glue needs to dry completely and if you get them wet right after, the glue will burn your eyes and also cause the lashes to fall out quicker. That is why I usually go get my lashes done after I shower, that way your face is clean you can get your lashes done and just go home and sleep without worry about taking off any makeup. 🙂

Other than that I think I have covered everything possible. If i did not please comment below and I will gladly answer any questions you may have!

Thank you to Flirty Girl Lash Studio for letting me get my lashes done. I am super picky and I have found my home here. You always leave me happy after I leave my appointments. How cute is this place though? Seriously, if you are in the DFW area please come visit them! They are the best!

XOXO Dani Rios

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