On the Road to Recovery

All I wish for is natural glowy skin; hopefully I can get that gift from God for Christmas. For over a year, I’ve gone through an ongoing battle fighting breakouts due to stress and the inevitable feeling of popping pimples. Growing up I had always had pretty good skin but I always took it for granted. I have always been obsessed with makeup, so much that I would spend literally hundreds of dollars at your local Sephora. Now that I am unable to walk out of the house without concealer, I have realized that I want to have natural pretty skin again, without having the need to cover up anything.

So for a few months now, my best friend has been pressuring me to get a facial with Natura Bisse. LOL So After finally getting the hint that my skin was unbearable to look at I decided to get a facial with them at Palacio de Hierro In Mexico City. For my U.S readers, you are able to go to Neiman Marcus and get a facial with the purchase of a product.

So for the first step the esthetician asks a few questions, and looks at your skin to see exactly what products to use. The experience was relaxing as your skin goes through cleansing, masks, creams, and serums. Every product has a purpose and it is explained throughout the process and application of each one. When I was done I felt like I had so much insight and tips to use throughout my skin care routine, in addition to my face looking so GLOWY and hydrated. At the very end of the session they do a run down of the products they used, to see which ones you want to purchase.

Here are the products that were used for my type of skin, which is oily with some scaring. My personal faves have become the Stabilizing Toner that has tea tree oil, rosemary, and burdock willow bark that kills bacteria in skin. Also the Stabilizing serum, smells so good and I know its working DEEP in my skin.

1 – Eye & Lip Makeup remover 59$
2 – Oxygen mousse 48$
3 – Stabilizing toner 40$
4 – Tolerance enzyme peel 150$
5 – Stabilizing Complex Serum 95$
6 – Stabilizing cleansing mask 51$
7 – Oxygen cream 88$
8 – Ceutical Eye Recovery Balm 95$
9 – Diamond drops DNA 185$

Natura Bisse products are not cheap, but if its good enough for Beyonce its good enough for me. And why would you not invest in good skin? I know sometimes you rather buy some new shoes, or even some food.. But Remember shoes come and go, food makes you fat but SKIN IS ON YOUR FACE EVERYDAY! So you might as well take care of it !
I will be going back each month for facials, and will keep updating on this journey to recovery!

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