My Week With Skinsei

There are a million skincare lines out there and I know, you probably ask yourself. Okay, which one do I go with? which one is really going to help my skin? What products should I look for?  Well, I have the answer to your prayers in this blog post. First, let me just say, I know your pain! I know it can be so hard to know what products will work for your skin, but now with Skinsei you can be sure that all the products are made specifically for YOU.



Now I know there are plenty of products out there that are customized to your skin, but I am sure not all are as precise as Skinsei Skincare. I was amazed to find out that every single part of my lifestyle is taken into account when they are choosing the products that are for me. Skinsei has developed a unique diagnostic to provide a completely personalized and tailored skincare routine which is perfect for those that are so unsure of what they need.

I thought it was even more amazing that they gave me some statistics of girls and their skin just in DALLAS.



It said that Dallas girls love to experiment with makeup, which is true. We get most of our SPF from foundation or not at all which is very true to me (sorry mom, I know you taught me better). Dallas girls prefer coffee over water and OMG you guys know that’s me and I don’t drink water EVER but I can easily go for 2-3 cups of coffee per day which really does affect my skin unfortunately.




Once I finished my quiz, they took into account how much UV, exercise I get daily, the kind of  climate/ air quality where I live, my diet and even how much sleep/stress surrounds my lifestyle. Once I was done they took a selfie of me and finalized my diagnostic. A few days later my package arrived at the door and I genuinely loved each product.



My package came with the cleansing milk cleanser, lucid beaming No. 221 serum, Throwing Shade Moisturizer No. 360,  a Dry Sheet Mask and even a body wash. I adore the scent of my products, I’m not sure if the scent has any specific added value, but I love it either way, I wish you could smell these products guys!



I really like the cleaning milk for the morning because it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and not super dry like most cleansers. This gentle creamy formula, delivers soft and clean skin!. I follow up with my throwing shade moisturizer which is super hydrating and light weight! I truly hate SPF that leave a white residue because that is not cute. This one absorbs completely and easily so make-up sits on naturally,and it has SPF 30! The serum is also very hydrating the Wild Indigo Extract  keeps skin prepared to resist everyday stress. During the time when I have time off I use my dry sheet skin mask that Helps maintain my skin’s microbiome balance! Last but not least, I love that Skinsei cares about my body as well, the body wash is vegan, paraben free! 😛



I also have been regularly using the body wash, because again, the scent is AMAZING!



I would definitely recommend you guys to try them out! It’s worth it because all the products are a decent size and will last you awhile, plus nothing out there is this personalized! Use DANIELA20 to 20% off your first box!


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