Hair Food Review

This post is sponsored by Hair Food. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Picking out the right shampoo these days is as hard as picking out what you are going to eat for dinner. There are unlimited options, some good and some not so good for you, some that perhaps fit your budget but end up costing you some harmful ingredients.

Well, the thing is you don’t have to when it comes to your hair health! I finally tried out Hair Foods and I actually am super impressed with the quality! They believe the same way you feed your body to be healthy is the same approach that should be taken when it comes to your hair health. These are sulfate, mineral oil, paraben and dye-free products and cost about $9 a bottle which is a steal compared to other clean shampoos and conditioners out there.

The collection I have been using is the Coconut Chai Spice Nourishing Collection which you can already imagine how heavenly it smells.

As you guys know I currently have tape-inextensions and believe it or not you have to take care of your hair health even more when you add in these types of things in your hair. My scalp health is super important to me and as you can imagine, making sure my hair stays healthy during this time is a major key to the extensions blending in well with my hair.

That is why I have been loving the shampoo and conditioner. Now their Detangling Milk is my fav, it’s a leave-in-conditioner that I love to use on my dirty hair days, you know the ones where you put your hair in a bun and decide you’re washing it that night?!

Pro tip: On these particular days, add this detangling milk mid-length to the ends of your hair for added moisture and control frizz. Wrap it in a bun and go do your thing. Your hair will be soaking and nourishing in this goodness all day! Then when you decide to wash it that night you won’t believe how soft your hair will feel, oh and smell..

Hair Foods is also certified cruelty-free and sold at retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart. Shop the products here!

Hope you guys try it out! Xoxo

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