My College Experience With DCCCD

A few weeks ago as many of you guys saw on my stories I was able to visit Eastfield College. It was such a fun experience as I learned more about all the different programs they offered.




College was very difficult for me, mostly because I knew that I had what it took to become an entrepreneur (which is what I knew I always wanted to be) but at the same time I didn’t want my parents to spend all this money on my university when I wasn’t sure if I was even going to use my degree in this unpredictable society we live in. If it hadn’t been for the money I would’ve loved to finish college, but sadly as an international student it is twice as expensive to go to college. Now looking back at my college experience and seeing all the different options out there I definitely should have chosen to go to a community college for my associates degree and transferred to a 4 year college after that. Now I want to do my best job to inform people on the never ending options of college because education is important, but getting an education with the least amount of debt is ever more important.

You don’t have to go to a crazy expensive college just for the prestige, because trust me, if you have a hard work ethic you can thrive in this world no matter what. Any DCCD college is great to get your basic courses out the way in order to transfer to a 4 year college. Believe me, I took lower level classes at my university and also took 3 classes at my community college and I got a great education in both. The only difference was that one was a quarter of the price.

As I walked through Eastfield College I saw how many great programs and facilities they had that were just as nice as an university! I loved seeing the newly renovated buildings and how clean and pretty the campus was! I also loved that it was 12 minutes away from my house! It makes me want to take up some extra courses! Lol

My advice: If you have kids I would encourage you to have them take at least one course per semester during high school that way whenever they graduate high school they are ahead of the game and can transfer to a 4 year college and graduate earlier than everyone else. I also think financially it is best to pay off college slowly as opposed to paying for several classes a semester. This is really what I plan to do in the future with my children.

Another thing, try to pay off college as much as you can even if that means sacrificing. You don’t want to start adulthood with tons of debt!  

Now I think most students are scared to think about the unknown after college and the possibility of not landing their dream job even if they get a degree. However, with these programs offered at Eastfield College you can be sure that when you finish there will be opportunities that will land you a job in your field!  I visited The Early Childhood that offered so many cool things for students. For one, this program allows students to leave their children here for daycare, at the same sime time students in this program get hands on experience with the kids themselves. I think thats what I liked most about this program, they had tools for the students to learn about children and their Early Chidlhood development which is a great way to be trained before going into the workforce.



I also visited the Automotive, Welding and Tech program. All of them seemed great, and the students were getting hands on experience which is so important to have nowadays. I also loved seeing that the classes didn’t have hundreds of students, they were very intimate which I personally think is great for a strong intentional education.




Ultimately these programs allow you to go straight into the workforce! I would look into these programs and sign up for summer classes. It will be so worth it!  

If you want more information on these programs check them out here.

– Education:

– Welding:

– Police:

– Automotive:

Dani Rios Xoxo

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