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You always want to make sure you’re adding that moisture back into the hair.

You will always walk around smelling like a resort!


It’s super light and makes you look sunkissed

The summer heat is CRAZY so I have rounded up my favorite beauty items that I’ve been using this summer. Not only will you feel fabulous but you will also look fresh despite how hot the weather gets!


  1. Eva NYC Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo is so different from any other I have used. It smells like perfume and roses and when you put it on your hair it doesn’t leave that white powdery look on your hair. I have been trying to not wash my hair as often since the sun already makes it dry, so this dry shampoo has been a life saver!
  2. Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Hair Masks: These are great after going to the pool or beach. The chlorine and salt in these water cause hair to get super dry and coarse and you always want to make sure you’re adding that moisture back into the hair. This mask is great because it even comes with a hair cap that you can walk around the house in doing chores while your hair is repairing.
  3. Tarte Maracuya Oil: Everyone wants to look tan and glowy this summer. This oil is the perfect thing to put on before you leave the house. It will not only make your tan stand out but it will give you that glow while making sure your skin doesn’t get dry.
  4. Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo: Have you ever had a shampoo that makes your scalp cool? Me neither, until I tried this! The ingredients inside this shampoo make your whole head feel cool and its perfect if you’re out in the sun because our scalps can get burned too if were out too long!
  5. Hello Flawless Foundation: This foundation is all I’ve been using since 2012, it’s the perfect lightweight foundation because during the summer you don’t want to look cakey. It give you just the perfect amount of coverage while still letting your skin breathe.
  6. Briogeo Scalp Conditioner: Same as the shampoo, it cools your scalp with the peppermint oil inside of it. However, I know most of us have special shampoo that we use, so trying the conditioner instead works great still!
  7. Korres Cleanser: I LOVEEE this cleanser. The greek yogurt inside of it makes it feel so fresh on my skin and it evens out my skin tone as well. It smells great which is also a plus!
  8. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: Umm… why wasn’t this invented any sooner? Not only does is this sunscreen, but is also works as a primer! The consistency of this creates a smooth canvas on your skin making you look glowy and flawless while protecting your skin. I will say that if you are super oily you might not be a fan of it.
  9. Algenist Lip Collagen: I put this on everyday. It creates a little tingle on my lips and adds collagen to make them look plumper without any actual makeup.
  10. TarteGuard Powder: This is all I used in Miami! It’s a great powder to use on-the-go when you’re touching up your makeup. I love it because it’s so easy to use and it also has SPF!! The product comes with the brush and powder all in one so it’s perfect to just add to your bag!
  11. Supergoop Setting Mist: This also has SPF, but also sets your makeup before headed out the house. You can never have enough coverage!
  12. Malie Organics: This lotion and all their products are vegan which is amazing! This company is based in Hawaii, so when you put on this lotion it really does make you feel like you’re in the beach somewhere.
  13. Bobbi Brown Highlighter: Best highlighter I’ve ever used. It is not super powdery where you can tell you are wearing highlighter. It’s super light and makes you look sunkissed. The only thing I ever use to highlight!
  14. Cover FX Powerplay Foundation: For those times where we are wanting more a full look I totally recommend using this foundation! It truly is MATTE and makes you stay that way all day long! It is full coverage but a little goes a long way. So for my ladies that are always skiny you NEED to get this!
  15. Lait De Coco: I love this little spray, mostly because I love coconuts. This is the perfect scent for the summer, you will always walk around smelling like a resort!




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