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Everyone at GG respect the hair world so much.


Global Group is an intimate and luxe experience



“They love to educate the clients, which is exactly what Carlos did on my first visit.”


My blonde hair has been giving me such life thanks to Global Group Hairdressing! I’ve been wanting to share my experience and it’s finally here!

Well first off, I think I started dying my hair at the age of 13. I remember begging my mom to let me do highlights and once she did there was no going back. Throughout my life I have tried red hair, pink streaks, pink hair, gray hair, platinum hair, jet black hair to blonde hair and then back to jet black hair to blonde hair again, probably like 5 different times! I absolutely love change and changing my hair has always been something exciting for me. Well over a year ago I decided I could not continue to do that. I was damaging my hair sooo much and decided to just stick to blonde since my hair was already light.

As I was on the search for a hairstylist that would understand the damage I had done to my hair and the challenge he or she would take on, I found Carlos Rojas. Well, he actually found me, but immediately I knew I liked him. On my very first visit to Global Group Hairdressing, I remember sitting in the stylist chair as Carlos was in shock at how much breakage I had that was caused by dry, brittled and unhealthy hair.

I seriously thought that these short pieces of hair was baby hair growing. Unfortunately, disappointment is all I felt when he told me the ugly truth that my hair was in critical condition. Those short pieces were not new hair growth but breakage.

Well now its been about 4 different times that I have gone to get my hair done with Carlos, and even though he has touched up my roots and has made me lighter all over, my hair has never been this healthy! I really mean that. I barely have any breakage, and I always get compliments on my hair, something that did not happen before. Everyone at GG respect the hair world so much that they want to be able to mix thoughtful teachings of yesterday and make them relevant today. They love to educate the clients, which is exactly what Carlos did on my first visit.

Now even if you don’t do a full hair color session, I totally recommend Global Group for anything hair! They do everything from extensions, to haircuts, styling, and of course hair color. Global Group is an intimate and luxe experience, I was amazed the first time I got there. It is nothing like a traditional salon, because the team inside GG are not a one sided pony, they’re stylists, educators, and entrepreneurs. Every time you come in they will make you feel like you’re the only one in the room by setting a standard that is personal and creating art with your hair.

They also have their own hair launching later this year and I can’t wait to show you guys! Carlos Rojas will be attending New York and Paris Mens Fashion Week this year, so you will want to go follow his crazy adventures. Follow him here!

Thank you Global Group for making the best people in town look fabulous!




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