How To Stay At The Top

Figure out what your goals are and how you’re going to get there.

One of my favorite shows I watch that I literally can’t miss an episode of is Queen of the South and I am so excited its returning for season 3 on USA network! I love it so much that I might have a watch party, because even though drugs and cartels aren’t something anyone should pursue, the actual life lessons you can learn from the show and specifically from Teresa Mendoza are ones that you can incorporate in your own boss life.

I wrote a blog post on what I was the Queen of last year when season two came out and you can read what I think I am the queen of here. However, this season we will get to see how Teresas determination to survive and be at the top takes her to where she knew she could always be.

With that being said, My blogiversary is here. It’s honestly so crazy to think that 4 years ago I started something that I never knew would lead to so many opportunities and crazy adventures.  It has not been easy, but it has been worth it in every way. So here are some life and blogging advice that I think are things to think about when you are trying to not only get to the top, but stay there.

  1. Be Original: Yes, that sounds cliche but no one can be you and that is honestly your superpower. No one can think like you, no one can execute something like you can, and no one can bring the presence into a room like you can.  For me, I have seen how much people love working with me because they genuinely like me for who I am and what I can bring to the table. I don’t try to be someone else or try to be extra just because I think I can. I really do love helping people and helping their businesses grow and that shows in my everyday work life.
  2. Build a brand: Once you’ve established your originality, build your brand. Everyone is a blogger nowadays. GREAT. But are you making money? Thats the real question. Well, you can’t ask for money if you don’t have a brand. By a brand I mean look at the biggest examples amongst us, The Kardashians, they can sell anything because they have made themselves a big enough brand and have marketed themselves in a way that no one else has. Make yourself credible and you will not be stopped, once you have established your worth in the market, you can do anything and everything.

  3. Learn your job: As a blogger you should never demand free things, actually when I started blogging I never even thought I would ever get as many free things as I do now. Honestly, knowing what your job is is important to be a successful blogger. You’re not there for the free services someone can give you, you’re there to promote and use your brand to increase exposure to that particular company/business. Of course, you ask for compensation in exchange but going out of your way to create a flawless campaign for them is what makes a successful blogger. Just because you have a few thousand followers doesn’t mean you can just post a little story and think that will get you any business anywhere.

  4. Differentiate Personal Vs Business:  I’ve gotten fired by friends, I’ve had to fire friends, and I have also had to make some difficult calls in order to further my career. Of course, it’s not easy but separating the personal side from the business and staying focused on the real goal will help you get through it. If you are always thinking about how something might effect a relationship instead of seeing how its hindering your business, then this life isn’t for you. Having to make the tough calls in order to be successful is really important and the faster you learn that the better.

  5. Hustle: By hustle I mean work hard and find opportunities that others don’t. In a world of blogging you can do a million and one things and figuring out how to get compensated for that can take you really far. Know your skills and exploit them.
  6. Stay focused: Figure out what your goals are and how you’re going to get there. Make a plan, give yourself deadlines and start as soon as possible, before you know it you will have reached your goals. Don’t let anyone tell you, you work too hard because there’s no such thing. Yeah I would love to have Sunday Funday, I would love to just go out and hang out all day on a Saturday but in the end that is all just recreational fun that is not going to get me closer to my dreams.

  7. Stay productive: Why waste time when you can find something useful to do with it. Something you will never get back is time, which is one of the biggest reasons I hate when people are late. Anyway, Scheduling your week on a Sunday before the week actually starts helps you stay on top of your to-do list and on top of what needs to be done for that month. Schedule events, meetings, shoots, etc. Don’t just stay busy and not reap some kind of reward from your hard work. If it doesn’t help you grow or leverage your goals, don’t do it. Stay productive and know what things are worth doing and what are not.

  8. Schedule time for friends and family:  This could count as being productive. Don’t just waste your time on a Netflix show, be intentional when it comes to your loved ones or else you end up filling your schedule with work or other idle things. Honestly I have to schedule happy hours weeks in advance so I can make sure I see my friends that I don’t see on a regular basis. It’s hard because life is always busy but doing this is so rewarding  because you get to carve out time for people that really matter and can lift you up when things get rough. Honestly sometimes you just need time to catch up with friends and family and talk about things that make your soul happy.

  9. Stay in your lane: Don’t worry about what others are doing. If you do you honestly you intoxicate yourself with negativity. If you have to unfollow people, do it. LOL sometimes I’m like “Why am I even following this person I don’t like?” Just unfollow and move on. Life is too short to try to feel some sort of way towards people that drain you. Stay in your lane and don’t get of track. You do you boo and know that thats enough! Also back to point one.

  10. Learn to say no: Realize that your time is valuable and not every invitation or email deserves a yes. I know this is hard for some people to hear, but no, I don’t want you to pick my brain and drain me of information I’ve gathered throughout my years just so I can hand it over like it’s nothing. It’s honestly so rewarding knowing that everything I know now is from my own experience and hard work. If you want information that bad, theres google, and books you can read, but sometimes you have to understand that people can’t just give out information for free.  Also, I say no to sponsorships left and right when they don’t compensate what I know I deserve. Learning to say no is probably your biggest best friend, it will make your worth high and it will get rid of things that will waste your time.


To stay at the top you sometimes have to make some tough choices, but in the end you will be glad you did so because being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to have grit and you have to be diversely equipped to jump through obstacles and navigate through mazes that life throws at you.

So that is what I have learned in these past 4 years and I hope this empowers you to be the Boss Women you want to be.

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