Editing With My Presets

Vegas was a blast at JBL Fest! Here are some pictures that didnt make it to the IG. I wanted to share how I edit my pics and what presets I use for certain pictures. My presets have been life changing for myself, and I wanted to share how that process looks. Editing now takes 1/4th of the time it used to, especially when I am on-the -go.

I actually used to always take pictures on my camera, and import them into my laptop, edit on Lightroom and export to my phone. (It would take forever!) However, when I decided to make the switch to have content in real time I decided to make the switch to iPhone and edit on my phone.

For me personally my presets have been crucial to making the switch, so I ended up making all of them mobile. I recently released my newest preset bundle DANI MOOD. This bundle comes with two presets MOOD DAY, and MOOD NIGHT. Therese are perfect for people that want that muted look, and take pictures in darker settings or dont want something too bright.

I still do sell all my original presets for desktop version, and the best part is that you can make your own mobile preset if you have the desktop version ( so you get two in one :P). When purchasing the mobile presets, you are only getting them for phone use only which is fine if thats where you do most of your editing. If you like to take pictures on an HDR camera, or have to edit 50+ pictures at a time, I would recommend purchasing the desktop presets because editing will be so much easier and faster. Also Desktop Lightroom has so many more features, so it depends on the content you are trying to create!

Here are the results! 

INTERIOR PRESET || Arrival at Aria Hotel


COLORFUL PRESET || First Night at JBL Fest. Saw Shaq and Run DMC 


COLORFUL PRESET || Tourist Things


INTERIOR PRESET || I think this was my favorite shot there!


MOOD DAY PRESET || Honeslty this place was FIRE! Loved all the content we took here



MOOD NIGHT PRESET || JBL blasting Khalid before the concert!

MOOD NIGHT PRESET || Me and my friend from London!

                                                        COLORFUL PRESET || You Can Never Have Enough Selfies.

VINTAGE WARM PRESET || Thank you JBL for having me !

         Which preset do you guys like the most?!

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