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Ready for all the best places in each category in Dallas? You guys know that I only give the best recommendations so here is a list of all the things you need! If there is anything I am missing comment and let me know so I can add it for you guys!

First, I have to start this blog by saying that If you are a woman and want to connect with other amazing girls in this city you need to join The Sassy Club app! I plan 2 monthly events around Dallas and it’s the best way to meet new friends while exploring Dallas! Read my story here.






*F45 Main Street Dallas– The owners Taylor and Cayla Cummins are absolutely the best and sweetest people you will meet. They truly love each person that comes into the studio and they push you to be your best self which is what I try to do with my blog! I’ve been at this studio for 2 years now and I’ve never felt stronger and healthier! You can get a free week by signing up!





SoulCycle: As an ambassador I have to be a ride or die! I love Soul because you can truly release all the stress you felt that week or day and leave it on a bike. It’s like an awesome powerful source of release and the amount of sweat you leave is completely worth every penny.





Roots Juices: There is tons of Dallas Juice Shops, but after careful research I have found that Roots Juices is by far the best! All their juices are natural and are packed with vegetables and fruits! This is the only place where I have had a day juice cleanse and have genuinely not felt hungry throughout the day because of how nutritious each juice is! So worth it.





Reful: This is definitely my favorite healthy ready to eat meals! Everything here is made in their kitchen and out of all the prepped meals out there this one is by far the best tasting and affordable! Everything here is 100% Gluten-Soy-Dairy Free. You guys can try out 5 meals for $25 as a new member!

Stretch Zone: Need to recover from a serious workout? Stretch zone has professional stretchers that help you not only speed up muscle recovery but also can help prevent future injuries by making sure all those muscles are working to their full capacity at all times! First Free Stretch!





City Chiro Sports CenterDr.Gonzalez is a life saver! He healed my foot completely after having major tissue damage on it, and also helped me diagnosis my knee issues. He really has helped my overall health by adjusting me and using different techniques to make sure my body is working 100%!


Tiny Victories: And now for the fun stuff! This is by far my favorite bar in Dallas! I am currently trying to get on their wall by trying each specialty cocktail there. It’s honestly going to take me awhile LOL They have $6 speciality cocktails from 4-7pm





La Ventana: You can’t beat $3 margaritas.






Global Group Hairdressing: For Hair Color/extensions best Salon hands down! DM Carlos Rojas because he seriously is my #1 and is the best at making Latinas blonde and giving the most natural extensions ever!





Hair By Laurie Beth: When you are in need of a haircut whether male, or female,. Laurie is the person to see! She always cuts my hair when I want it super short, and she also trims it to make sure it always stays healthy! If you have damaged hair you must go to her. Your hair will be growing in a few days. No joke.





MLashStudio: Eyelash Extensions are my life. The best classic set is for sure my girl Mayra. I hate super heavy dramatic lashes and she always makes mine look so natural and I get tons of compliments all the time!





Posh Skin Lab: Facials by Jenny have been crucial to my skin looking so good these past few years. If you look at her skin, she literally has porcelain skin and no pores. So yeah, I trust her. Her facials are all personalized and she will give you the best facial of your life.





Bellacures: For the best dip nails ever. I always go to Jennifer she always does the best designs and makes my dip nails look so natural. Use DR10 to get $$ of your nails!






First In Moving: They were awesome when helping us move! They boxed everything for us and made our move so easy!






Chilangos Tacos: Best Mexico City Tacos hands down. Order ‘La Costra’ you’ll thank me later!





Hola Cafe Dallas: Best coffee in Dallas. LOL Also, my friends own it and they are so passionate about Oak Cliff and their coffee. My fav is a lavender iced latte!





Thai Thai: I literally crave it everyday. I am obsessed with their chicken pineapple rice!!! Huge portions too!

What else do you need? Im here for it!

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