Black Optical

Words cannot describe how full my heart was on Nov 8th when I hosted my first event with Black Optical. I was supported by my local Dallas bloggers and friends and I was so thankful that they all came to not only support me but also Black Optical.

Questions For A Blogger

This past Saturday I have the honor of speaking at Doni Browns Insta-fluence Bootcamp as a panelist! I had so much fun meeting people that follow me,

Get Those Curves

Working out is not for everyone however, this environment made it so easy to get your workout in for the day without feeling conscious about everyone around you. By enrolling in the Cu

First Living Room Space

Interior Home Decorating takes TIMEE, unless you have an unlimited spending budget where you can just get everything that you want all at once. Even if you do, you never will be able to find everything you need all at once.

Be The Queen

Okay, so you know how we all have that Binge Worthy show? Don’t lie, you know you do! Well mine has become Queen of the South! I know there are several renditions of this out there but the one on the USA Network is an amazing show that I think everyone should watch.