The Perfect Game Night!

It’s about time I teach you guys how to host your own perfect game night!

I never thought I would be blogging about this because for a long time what I considered “fun” was all done outside of my home.  Now that I am older, I love staying home and having a good wine night along with my friends!

I actually live for these types of moments where I can host friends at my apartment, create a yummy cheese board, and have amazing wine while either watching a movie or having a game night.

However, I am new to all of this and learning as I go! I used to know nothing about wine, or how to create a cheese board, but now I have been to a few gatherings myself where I’ve picked up tricks and tips that you guys can use!

Alright, so let’s get to the good stuff. First what you will need to host your perfect game night is WINE. I have partnered up with 19 Crimes wine to tell you all about this brand, and guys, this wine is so DELICIOUS!  19 Crimes is a wine brand built on the stories of society’s troublemakers who challenged the rules and suffered the consequences, but lived to tell their incredible stories!

I was so surprised how much I liked 19 crimes, and now I seriously don’t want to have any other wine. For me, it’s hard to choose wines because every type is so different but the Red Blend I feel like is a great wine for everyone! It has vanilla aromas and dark berry fruits notes. Also it has a subtle flavor of chocolate and cedary spice! It is one of the best tasting wines I’ve had recently. However, if you are like me and like stronger wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon is everything.

19 crimes has also made it easy for you to always be stocked up with their Infamous Insider Program! With this program, you guys can actually win tons of gifts, swag, and even trips! All you have to do is sign up on their site here and complete tasks to get points which gets you all the fun freebies. You can use my code 72455 for extra points when you sign up!

Let’s be real, if you’re having a game night you might have to buy several bottles of wine and you don’t want to spend all your budget on it. That is why I love 19 crimes even more, most of their bottles are $13 which I was shocked to see because the wine is seriously so yummy. You can rack up more points with every bottle you purchase.

Also, I think it’s so cool that with the 19 crimes app you can scan the criminal on the front of the bottle and it comes to life through augmented reality and talks to you! It tells you what crime they committed and I think its so perfect to do if you’re hosting a mystery murder game night!

Now for the cheese boards, there are tons you can do but my main items that I MUST have in a cheese board are these


Honey: Preferably the kind with a honeycomb, or raw honey

Jams: Trader Joes has my favorite Fig Jam! A must.

Fruit: Whether that be strawberries, blueberries, or grapes! You can’t go wrong with these 3.

Cheese: Trader Joes is always my go-to. I suggest always getting that 3 cheese package from Spain, a blue cheese, a brie, a gouda cheese, and a mozzarella ball that you can set out on a separate plate with tomatoes.

Crackers: This is up to you!

Then you just set it all up on a wooden board, and done!

So if you guys ever want to host a game night, this is a beginner’s step by step on how to do it! 19 Crimes Wine is a must try out if you haven’t already, apparently it’s a very popular wine that I know you guys have tried and I was the only one missing out. Lol Not anymore!

So remember no matter what you guys are doing, Don’t just live, live infamously! @19crimes #LiveInfamously #19Crimes

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