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I am so excited to reveal my collaboration with Adore Me! This company has seriously changed my life, from their super cute panty and bra sets, to their swimwear, sleepwear and now active wear? This online store has everything a girls needs in life and for a super affordable price. I mean can we just take a minute to ponder on the ridiculous amount us girls have to pay for a good quality¬†bra sometimes? Why? These are necessities we shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for. Lucky for you Adore Me has VIP memberships where you can get exactly what you need for a super low price.

So lets get started. My Pijama set is called Edelmira. I usually sleep in t-shirts, so when I saw this online I knew I just had to leave the old behind and upgrade my life. It’s super adorable, and super comfy too. Perfect to wake up in on a lovely Saturday morning.

Maybe you are the type of girl that can’t decide what to wear so you roam around in your robe while you come up with the perfect outfit for the day. If that is you, you know you still have to make sure you have the perfect under garment matching set because you will feel like a boss women when you do. Their bra are super comfy and I absolutely love that! I hate when bras are full of padding; this one has just the right amount. This set is called the Kellie Push-up.

This Kenzley Lingerie Piece is to die for! I could wear this under a sheer crop top with bf jeans and call it a day. Some people don’t realize that lingerie can actually be worn out. I mean of course, you are not going to wear just a bra or a panty lol but what you can do is accessorize it with a leather jacket, bombers, or underneath dresses etc.

Work out clothes have been my go-to lately. I mean I get off work, then head to work out and afterwards I have to run errands. Therefore, I pretty much live in work out clothes. I never knew the reason why people did this but when you love your body and start to get fit you really just have to love wearing these outfits everyday. It’s like sweatpants but cute. These shorts and top are super cute, especially cause I don’t usually do color but this Afra blue set got to me.

I’ve been taking cycling classes lately and I love it, but shorts are probably not the most comfortable while on a bike. These long leggings with this open bra in the front is the perfect outfit for this particular fitness class. You can run your errands afterwards¬†and still look adorable while doing it!!

Thank you Adore Me for my amazing goodies! You guys have to check them out! xoxo

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