Birthday Fashion Shots: 22

I kinda live for fashion shoots. Americas Next Top Model was my favorite show for forever because they would create images that made me want to recreate them. I know for some people a picture is just a picture, but for me creating a shoot, styling the shoot and making sure a picture screams what I wanted to portray is very special to me.  This year I wanted to create a fun high fashion shoot that exuded the way I feel. I feel like a diva most of the time, haha must be because I was spoiled as a child. I also feel fun and happier than ever, so I wanted to show that as well. Everything I do I want to make sure I remember it by taking pictures and I know 22 will be a great year for me. One day I will come back and take a look at these pictures and remember the way I felt at 22.  So enjoy! xoxoxo

Thank you Cristy for making my hair look amazing! For anyone in the Dallas area this is your go-to girl for color! She is the best! She also styled my hair for the shoot. Check out her work here!


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