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My Birthday Recs

My birthday week is officially done and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Although tons of fun, I am super exhausted from it and will be needing about 3-4 business days to recover. It was completely worth it though because I got to hangout with all my friends and see people I hadn’t seen in months. So thank you, birthday month for showing me how blessed I am, and thank you to ALL my friends that made it out to celebrate me.

Also, shoutout to all my followers that wished me Happy Birthday it meant so much to me. Xoxo

Okay, now for the information you’re here for. Well first of, I know people always ask me where to host birthday parties, and although I dont think this would be the ultimate birthday guide. This is my birthday guide and everything I did on my birthday and things I wanted to do with my friends. 

This 25th birthdayy was one I will always remember. 

Potpourri Boulangerie


This was the beginning of my birthday festivities and it was by far the most chill thing I did.


My friend Kait told me about this spot and it seemed like the most amazing thing to do with my friends. I mean a Tea Party? Say no more. We all got dressed up and headed to Potpourri Boulangerie where we had the best afternoon sipping on tea, literally and metaphorically.


I felt so fancy and love spending quality time with my friends. We also were treated so nice by them, and cant wait to be back.



Pie Tap


Dinner is very important before going out, and my ALL time favorite pizza place is Pie Tap in Dallas. Ah this pizza is just so heavenly, and my usual is the veggie pizza but ask them to make it the original way and not the new way. Apparently they changed their menu. You could also have a sick birthday brunch here with $3 frose, and MUST have the donuts. Its like eating a cloud!



My favorite cocktail bar in Dallas! I would say this is a hidden gem in Dallas because it is very small and not tons of people go to it but their cocktails are amazing.


Also my good friend Jon works there and you should def pay him a visit! Parliament has the most experienced and well know bartenders in the industry, curating cocktail menus for restaurants all over Dallas. Also, Monday is Happy Hour all day, and if its raining no matter that day it is also Happy Hour prices!


One Sette

Now this is if you really wanna go out and have a fun time in uptown! Personally, I never go out to clubs, but it was my birthday and we all decided to do a little dancing. We honestly had so much fun and it def is a cool vibe especially on Saturdays!

Ferris Wheelers


I now there are tons of BBQ places you might like but I love Ferris Wheelers. Its such a laid back atmosphere and their BBQ sides are sooo good! Also their burnt ends are amazing! I feel like this is such a cool spot to get lunch with friends after bday shenanigans.


Te Deseo

I just love this place because um.. they have a cocktail with Encanto Pops popsicles and also amazing margaritas! I absolutely love the latin music and we also danced the night away here. I like being in the lounge area because it’s more intimate but during the summer the rooftop is really cool! 

Las Palmas

Now if you are following my birthday itinerary then you know by brunch time you will be exhausted.


That’s why you need just a cool place to hangout and eat some Tex-Mex food. We enjoyed Las Palmas because its very chill and they don’t have regular brunch items that all restuarants in Dallas have.



My official birthday dinner was at Tulum! I love Tulum because it’s fancy and the food is so delicious!


This is definitely a cool spot to have a birthday lunch or dinner.


Pro Tip: You can go a little earlier for Happy Hour and try some apps and drinks and then head to dinner. My all time favorite dish here is the charred ocotupus, Queso fundido and the Flounder Milanesa was so good as well!




I love a good movie, as a matter of fact its what I do on the weekends and I live for it.


However, Cinemark is different than a regular theatre, their seats recline all the way back. Youre basically laying down, and they also have cooling or heat warmers which is amazing!!



We got so many snacks and enjoyed watching 1917 which I definitely recommend! 

Tiny Victories 


Now Im going to add 2 more places that I didn’t go to but I think are fun for birthdays. Me and all my friends are obsessed with TV, we go there for HH all the time but everything here is so good.


I also like you can bring your own food! So its perfect for a little causal birthday gathering.


Legacy Food Hall

Want to do a fun day party?


Legacy Food Hall is everything, and their patio is the perfect place to hangout with a big crowd! You can walk around talk, and theres tons of food options for everyone! The best part is their margarita stand outside!


I hope this is a little fun guide for you guys! There’s obviously tons of places to go to in Dallas but these are my suggestions and something different too!


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