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Sometimes you just need a stylist to push outfits on you that you wouldn’t of picked out otherwise and it works!!

Shopping is a PROCESS


“Erin is my girl to hit up, she will make your wardrobe dreams come true!”

Earlier this week I was able to attend the Justin Timberlake Concert thanks to Verizon Up Rewards Program! I never thought I would attend one of his concerts, but honestly he was fire and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Obviously with every concert there has to come a concert look to show off on the big day. Usually I always just ramble up something so last minute and end up regretting it. This time I was able to hit up my girl Erin to style me and you guys she totally came through! I love being able to contact her, give her an event and then bam she has looks for me to try on and then I just shop and I’m out the door!



You guys know I hate shopping, I hate putting looks together, but I love dressing up and looking fashionable when I go to big events like this, which yeah, it doesn’t make sense how I would get to do that without actually shopping. Also, lets be real, I don’t have time to shop. I barely have time to get my nails done and we all know that shopping is a PROCESS. Well, Erin has already saved me multiple times!  She dressed me for my Legacy Hall campaign, styled some looks for me in Miami, and now the concert.

While in Miami I may or may not have gone on a date and honestly I was panicking because I didn’t know what to wear, then I remembered this super cute dress Erin had gotten for me that I never would’ve picked up if I had gone shopping on my own. Lets just say the outfit was a winner and I think my lucky charm. Sometimes you just need a stylist to push outfits on you that you wouldn’t of picked out otherwise and it works!! That’s why whenever you are in need of a great outfit Erin is my girl to hit up, she will make your wardrobe dreams come true!

So here are the details to my look!

Until next time! Xoxo


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