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Don’t know where to stay in Mexico City? I got you! This is a question I’m asked often, because, as many of you know, I actually have a home base in Mexico City just 35 minutes from Polanco and 45 minutes from La Condesa/Roma Norte. So, you can trust me when I say, I would not recommend the Interlomas area (which is where I live) for anyone wanting to explore CDMX due to the drive you want to avoid, especially during traffic hours.

However, as you might have seen on Instagram, I recently partnered up with Casai (fully equipped boutique travel apartments located in the BEST neighborhoods) to stay in a very cute apartment in Polanco – which is my neighborhood of choice when staying in Mexico City. Casai also has amazing apartments in all the other trendy neighborhoods in Mexico City including Roma Norte, La Condesa, and Reforma. (Bonus: They also have apartments in Brazil and other top cities in Mexico including Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Escondido!) 

Now, I know planning trips to big cities like Mexico City can be quite overwhelming and finding the best places to eat and visit can be extremely hard. That’s why I love that Casai has an App with tons of recs that I actually used and loved. The Casai App also keeps track of all your booking information and offers a helpful chat service if you ever need anything. But my absolute favorite thing about staying with Casai is that they have contactless check in – no need for key cards or keys! You can get in your apartment with a simple code that you insert at your door. So convenient…because who likes to rumble through their purse to find a key?! 

I felt so at home in the apartment I chose and I loved knowing that all of the furniture, snacks, and toiletries in each room were locally sourced and that the travel guides on the Casai App help the local community. Let me also say that what Casai offers is a LOT more than what you get with a regular Airbnb (although they are also listed on Airbnb). They offer their Casai Lounge to all their guests, a complimentary co-working space where you can meet other travelers and make new friends. Perfect for all my travelpreneurs

Think of Casai as a boutique hotel with Silicon Valley technology and local ambience. Although it was an apartment, it felt like I was in a boutique hotel with their 24/7 concierge, lounge, and amenities in each room. (I will say, their 24/7 concierge is super convenient – but trust me, you won’t need anything because their apartments are fully equipped with anything you might want or need.) 

Every Casai apartment is designed with creatives in mind by offering an aesthetically-pleasing space where you can work, create, and photograph in an inspiring atmosphere. Also, for all my social media creatives, Casai knows how important content is for us so they have designed each apartment to have a #CasaiCorner – perfect for Instagrammable moments. 

Each Casai apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen which is super helpful, especially if you are planning on staying over longer periods of time. Casai kitchens offer all the essentials you would need to make yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, whip up some pasta, chop up a salad, or even bake some goodies. 

Whether you are planning to visit Mexico City for a few days or a few months, Casai is perfect for all your home-stay needs. I loved that even though my trip was only a week long, Casai provided an inspiring yet functional space where I could work, create new content, and focus on the projects that I had coming up. 

I really can’t recommend Casai more. It’s the perfect kind of travel space I have been searching for all this time. Not only does It accommodate my explorer side – it also allows me to work with the best kind of functionality possible. 

I hope you guys get to experience Casai for yourselves and that you love it as much as I do. Plus, you can get 15% off your Casai booking by using “Littlemixico” when you book. Tell me what you think! 


Dani Rios (Little Mixico) 

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