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There are many things which have influenced my passion for food over the years

We picked up our own seafood from the airport!


“We ordered some handcrafted cocktails that were not only beautiful but also delicious.”

There are many things which have influenced my passion for food over the years, but I think the most important has been a desire to see and know about the extents that some people go to to bring the absolute freshest food to my plate. So thank you Water Grill for doing just that.
There is nothing like knowing that someone took the time to research where they could get the best produce and seafood, as well as how much they care about each little component that goes into one single dish. It is the care and love put into each item on a menu that has changed the way I look at food and affects the way I eat today.
 Growing up, my family and I would go visit my relatives in Tampico, which is a port in the southeastern part of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. I remember my uncle having seafood ready for us before 8am for breakfast, then lunch, and dinner before you even had time to digest the food. The quickness with which he was able to prepare these meals depended heavily on the seafood and the freshness of it. I feel as if growing up eating this way has now given me the ability to spot right away when a fish or shellfish is not at its freshest point. Once you have tasted the real deal, there’s no going back.
This is one reason why seafood is a very serious thing to me and it is why, unfortunately, I tend to stay away from places I know won’t have the freshest seafood available. A few weeks ago I was invited to check out Water Grill, a restaurant I have heard nothing but great things about but never went because again, I am very picky about seafood. I was ready to be blown away, and from the moment I got there I totally was. I mean let me just tell you that the decor made me want to find myself a boyfriend ASAP because I definitely want to go back on a date. It was so romantic!

 As we sat down, we were greeted with the friendliest of smiles and of course, right away we ordered some handcrafted cocktails that were not only beautiful but also delicious.

I personally wanted a tour of the kitchen, because that is the heart of the restaurant. A good kitchen will always make for a good restaurant. We got a personal tour from Chef Pauley. He showed us where all the ingredients are kept and how everything works around the kitchen. He followed this up by making us his favorite dish, and it was amazing to see how he deboned the fish AFTER he cooked it – with such care and ease. I guess practice does make perfect. We also had our own little shucking class which was a lot of fun. I let Camille do all the hard work, as I watched what was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen her do.

Now to the food. Camille and I actually went with the Water Grill staff to pick up our own fresh seafood from the airport! Yup, we picked it up and ate it that same day! Shipments arrive from California at least 5 times a week, which means you really are getting the best and freshest seafood at Water Grill at all times.  It was so fun to see how the cargo comes in, and how everything is alive in boxes before it gets to Water Grill. Once the seafood arrives, the crabs and lobsters are put in the tank – did you know if you order one you can pick out the one you would like for yourself??! So fun! So yeah, we had a feast and it was amazing!

So should you try out WaterGrill? Absolutely! Xoxo Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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