DIY wall art with @RachaelCreative

Hey guys, so this new post is to show you how to make cool wall art for your bedroom or any other room in your home. It may seem easy to just put prints into a frame, but the trick on making sick wall art is the actual prints themselves. The way you should choose prints is by the type of aesthetic you are going for.  Some people just do all black and white wall art, whimsical, love quotes, abstract art, flowery patterns, edgy, girly.. etc. You get the point. I think for me it’s easy to pick prints because I let the prints speak to me. haha I like to choose things that inspire me and images or quotes that I can take pictures of all day. I went to the Boho Market a few months ago and saw these prints by Rachael that I had to have in my life. They were exactly what I was looking for in prints. They are fun, inspiring, and most importantly aesthetically pleasing.

So first I got the 3 prints that I liked the most, although that was super hard because all her prints are amazing!

Then you get the frames. These were 8 x 10 frames that I got in a 3 pack at Target. I believe they were like $7.

Then putting the prints inside was pretty easy. You just pop out the glass insert the print and pop back in.

The next part is to hang the frames in a place that is Instagram worthy and that can go in a place where you will read them and be inspired.

I put these prints next to my mirror where I see myself everyday where I can be reminded that I am a gem, and that I’m a strong independent woman! Lol

I put my ‘Mas Amor’ which means more love by my light switch so that every time I turn my light on or off I can remember to always love everyone around me and be that example of God’s love wherever I go.

To get these amazing prints shop here:

Here is more wall art inspo

XOXO Dani Rios

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