From 0 to 100 Real Quick: UpBra Review

It’s no secret that I am a member of the itty bitty committee. Man, I did never thought I’d have to admit that lol but it’s so true. I have gone back and forth for years now on whether I should get a boob job. However, I think now there are so many amazing bras and techniques to enhance your boobs that there is no need! Hence, the magical bra called UpBra! 

The picture below me is a product of a regular strapless bra that we all now gives little support. Also, they always slide down and you have to keep adjusting during the day which is so frustrating!

Sometimes it’s fun to play around with your look from time to time. God made us in all different shapes and sizes and that IS OKAY! But when you need that cleavage to come through UpBra has your back! Seriously though, I know you guys see the difference. I also know that you are probably wondering how this amazing bra works! Well, let me show you!

So this is how it works, It has these little straps at the bottom of the bra that you pull which makes your boobs come together and lifts them up to get you the perfect cleavage. Seriously, its so life changing I went from a 32a to a 34b in no time.

So once you have decided on your lift you can tuck the straps in the bra and you get boob job results! Like who even needs one when you can save those thousands of dollars and still look amazzzinggg! I mean check out the results…


Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Here is a video on a tutorial on how to use Upbra!

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XOXO Dani Rios

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