Swim Week 2018 Recap

2018 RECAP


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All in all it was a great swim week!

As I was leaving I saw Nicole Williams which I was dying to meet


We did an impromptu photoshoot where I got these amazing shots

Swim Week 2018 Recap

  1. Coterie Pop-Up: Faena Bazaar 
  2. Graupel Event
  3. Heidi Klum Ocean Drive Swimwear
  4. GymShark Event
  5. StoneFox Swim Show
  6. Tractnberg PR Event
  7. Denisse Diaz Swimwear Event
  8. CocoNautical Event
  9. Sports Illustrated Swim Show

It’s official, I have finally been admitted into the Miami Swim Week world. For the past couple of years, I have known about Swim Week and although I knew a little about it it before going for the first time it was nothing compared to what I actually experienced! It was the most amazing 9 days and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

I honestly am so happy I traveled to Miami beforehand and was able to make connections and network with people that were in the know about everything going on during this week. So I have rounded up what I was able to do this year and I hope next year I can actually make it to the shows. I honestly had a blast going from event to event finding out more about all these swimsuits brands that are amongst us.

Now on day two, I had the Graupel event that is located in the Arts District of Miami, Wynwood. This event was actually organized by my dear friend Joyce and Valerie owners of @IscreamStyle. We had a great start the event by doing some yoga, and afterwards I walked during my very first runway as I walked as a model in Denisse Diaz Swimwear that I have worn on my Instagram in the past. This boutique called Graupel has a great concept, as they acknowledge that no two women are the same. Everyone has a different height, weight, and measurements that are unique to their own body, that is why at Graupel you can be virtually scanned to get your exact measurements. In this Florida boutique you can go in and get scanned and once their virtual scanner is done, they send you your measurements to your email and you are able to order your clothes online, and they tailor all the clothes to fit you and only you.

Later that night we all headed out to the Heidi Klum Show at Ocean Drive. Can you believe I saw Heidi Klum up close and personal? Well I did. Heidi has a swimsuit line that she was showing off at OceanDrive. It was a great event to be at, felt more like a big pool party and it was the first swim week event and a great way to get it started.

The next day I was invited to the GymShark event and even though I wasn’t familiar with the brand, once I got there I was so excited to learn more! Gymshark not only has great athletic wear, all their swimsuits were to die for, most of them have high cuts, and simple swimsuits perfect for the athletic sexy girl. This event was literally the best event I attended during swim week, the penthouse was filled with so many goodies as well as so many IG photo worthy spots. I got my nails done by Priv first, and later I picked out my swimsuit, changed into it and headed upstairs to the rooftop pool party. This event was filled with the best Instagrammers and models so you know that everyone was trying to snap the best pictures. As I was leaving I saw Nicole Williams which I was dying to meet, but I knew I would see her again so I went on my way.


The next day we headed to the StoneFox Swim Show where we got some great cocktails before hand, and got introduced to the whole collection inside The Nautilus Hotel. After the event we almost died of a heat stroke we decided to head upstairs for another event hosted by Tractnberg PR where I got my hair done by the John Frieda team. I was so excited because I’m actually a John Frieda influencer, they send me products all the time but you guys know I have no creativity when it comes to my hair. So it was great having someone doing it for me, and it came out so great that we did an impromptu photoshoot where I got these amazing shots.

One of the events I was most excited about was the CocoNautical Event. The next day I woke up early to go to the mall just to remember the mall doesn’t open up until 11am because it was Sunday. I was in a serious need of finding an outfit though because I had ran out of clothes! So I got ready back at my hotel and rushed back to Brickell City Centre where I found a quick outfit before my brunch hosted by Nicole Williams. CocoNautical is an online store with different brands including swimwear lines and other swim items. I was even gifted some swimsuits from there and they were super cute! I had way to many cocktails at this party but was also able to meet the nicest girls ever!

To end the night we all headed down for the closing of Swim Week at the W hotel for the Sports Illustrated Swim Show. Guys, I didnt know that Justine Skye was going to be performing, during the swim show she came out several times and performed several songs.  This show was great and incorporated so many different bodies and women of all races. It was truly refreshing to see.


All in all it was a great swim week, I cannot wait to do it all over again next year! Some things I did learn is that next time I probably should just pack lots of shorts, swimsuits and casual outfits because you are running around from place to place so it’s a must to try to stay as cool as possible and comfortable. Also I must remember to not over pack, I got so many free things that nothing barely fit in my luggage and I had to leave some stuff behind. Also, there are tons of events going on everywhere that you have to stay organized and know which ones are worth going to. Although I did have a press pass to attend the swim shows, but I wasn’t super sure how that all worked.  So in the end, I just decided to attend events this time around and pass up on the actual swim shows which is what I want to do next year.




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