This summer has been one of the busiest summers I have ever had in my life. From moving back to Dallas, to a new job, and a new apartment.. life definitely got a little bit stressful. Thank the Lord that I stumbled upon this amazing little event on Instagram, that I could partake in with my besties. Those that follow me on Snapchat saw how cute and fun this event was hosted by Lauren Lee.

We started the day with some ‘smoothie talk’ with Nutritionist Kara Stout. She showed us all these amazing foods and how they are good for your body. Trust me.. I saw her body in a bikini and you WANT to take all these tips from this girl!

I have been telling myself that I need to start working out and eating healthy, but sometimes with a million things on my mind it gets hard to even take nutrition as a priority. However, I learned some valuable things such as drinking warm water with lemon in the morning to boost your metabolism and get the day started! Totally going to start doing that!

Our second thing scheduled that day was a totally amazing workout (that I needed badly) by The Kalon Life.

It was filled with great cardio, and I worked muscles I didn’t even think were there. At the end of our little session we had a little competition, because whats a group of girls without some good ole competition?

Whoever held a plank for the longest time won a gift card to this really cool athletic store here in Dallas. Of course, the dancer in the group (Ashley) was bound to be in the top 5 plankers! But she gave up on us.. and our squad was unable to take home the win.

However, we did get these super cute gift bags! Filled with Kombucha, which I had never tried before, a super cute All The Wire Bracelet, Kona Body Coffee Scrub, and some body lotion from Bliss. So.. I mean who really cares about a gift card when you have all these goodies?

After our intense workout session, we headed out to the pool! I think this was the part that everyone was waiting for.. I mean sun, bikinis, coconuts and super cute inflatables! What more can you want?


So remember that no matter how stressful life may get, gather up your girlfriends and make sure to take some time to enjoy each others company! Cheers to this Summer ’16 and more memories that are to come! Love you guys!

XOXO Dani Rios