Stay Fit for 2017

Last year around September I got my life together and decided to really get fit and get my health back. I have always been slim but I have never met my body goals. I always wanted to have abs and have muscle in my legs and arms but it was always hard to know what workouts to do. So finally I reached out to Michelle that is one of my friends best friends. She was so sweet and started training me that week. I was so ready and motivated!! Now it has been 5 months and seriously I have never looked better!! I seriously love my body even though I still have a long way to go. Michelle is one of the best trainers that I have met in Dallas (I have met quite a few) and she really does focus on making sure you reach your goals. Whether that be to gain muscle or lose weight. She does it all!

Now with every good workout you have to follow up with a good meal. I came across this company called Freshii, because I did a campaign for them a while back. Ever since I tried them I seriously fell in love!! Seriously everything you order is healthy and you get full from it too!!  I recommend everyone to try them out if you are wanting to change your eating habits this year.

I am a fan of their bowls, they come with brown rice and different toppings depending on the kind of bowl you get. You can also add chicken, beef, falafel or tofu to add some protein to it and bam you have the best healthy post workout meal.

Now of course I can’t leave you with all this motivation and no steps on how to get that body looking right! So here is an ab workout that Michelle made for me. Seriously, if you do this everyday along with good eating habits you will get abs in no time!



4×25 knee crunches

30 second rest

60 Second plank

2x25cross crunches

30 second rest

60 second plank

2x 25 Russian twist

30 second rest

30 second plank

XOXO Dani Rios

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