Sizes are only but a number

Earlier this year I headed to Los Angeles with my best friend, while walking on the streets of Melrose. I FROZE. I had totally forgotten that Nasty Gal had their store there. Obviously we had to stop and do some shopping as if we hadn’t done enough. Inside I found the coolest sweater, the only problem was that there was only a size large. This literally happens to me ALL THE TIME…! The cutest things always run out so quickly.. but whatever, I didn’t care I got it anyway. When something is super cute and on sale, don’t hesitate to buy it (is this good advice? LOL). If you have creativity and a great style, you can always make things work. For example, something that is suppose to be a shirt can be a dress, or those jeans that are too big can become boyfriend jeans. Do not be afraid to experiment with different sizes..
I’ve had to make adjustments to so many different clothing items throughout the years and they have honestly come out so cute! This particular sweater looks like a normal sweater length, because of the jacket I put over it. When I wear it on its own, I can even wear it as a dress if I feel daring, or even a swimsuit cover up for a late afternoon walk at the beach. So next time you are out shopping and there’s a sale. Don’t panic. Try it on and try to envision it as a different clothing piece and you might even make it cooler than what the original piece was suppose to be!
I went for a monochrome look with my sweater, and I’ve got to say.. I think black and white has become my new thing! 😉
In look #2 you can clearly see how big this sweater is. I had to cuff the sleeves, and even then it still went over my hand! But I love how cute and laid back this second look is, totally different from the first. That my friends, is how you can style the same item (even if it’s too big) and make them look completely different.
Leggings: Asos
Jacket : Forever21
Sweater: Forever21
Heel: Nasty Gal

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