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 When you feel good on the outside and inside you are able to exude some extra confidence

 I was catching up on my emails before going into my Swedish massage


“She always makes sure I get the color I want with her most amazing spray tans”

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day with the ones you love! Personally, I had a great time thanks to The Statler that hosted a Vintage Valentines Day Bash! Camille and I were able to get dressed up and just hang out with some other local food bloggers like aka our girl Rachel- @askfoodbitch

Anyway, I was so happy to get dolled up and finally go out in the town by looking and feeling my best. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing Dallas businesses that I go to for my self-care. About 5 days ago I started my actual birthday with the best massage at Vivians Spa in Greenville area. It was life you guys, I got there and I was able to relax a little with a warm tea which I was so happy about especially since that day just had to be extra cold. Anyway, I was catching up on my emails before going into my Swedish massage, which I recommend. I also was able to add a Marshmallow Meltdown, where they drizzled Shea Butter on my body and massaged my arms and feet with it. So relaxing!

Now, this winter weather has got to go and it has been making me miss my tan. Thank God for Stephanie, owner of The Bronzetique! She always makes sure I get the color I want with her most amazing spray tans. They never turn out too dark or too orange, her technique is something I have never seen before with other spray tan businesses and I honestly only trust her with mine. I felt so amazing and confident in my new dress and tan! If you guys want that color for any time of the year Stephanie is your girl.

 When you feel good on the outside and inside you are able to exude some extra confidence that I think all women should have. For more care tips watch the video below! xoxo



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    I love the the video,you look amazing.

    Definally getting my hair done is what a love to do , I’m stay home mom so it’ll be good to get a massage I haven’t had any an a long time.

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    My self care includes a daily workout, devotionals, meditation, proper nutrition, and the occasional spray tan and mani/pedi. I haven’t gotten regular massages in a while but I used to get them monthly! I love self care because it gives me confidence and energy to be my best self for othersAlso it’s important to “treat yo self” every now and then. 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Hi Dani!

    I practice self-care by getting a monthly facial and massage (when I’m good with money, that is) it does get expensive! Also, getting my manicure and pedicure definitely makes me feel good! I do have to try the spray tans as its better for us overall (I’ve never had one!) I’m a very out-doorsy (is that a word? lol) person and my skin tends to tan quickly when I’m out in the sun. Who doesn’t love bronzed skin??!!

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    My favorite self-care activities are meeting friends for a girls night out and taking a nice bath soak with a glass of wine (very different scenarios, I know, but sometimes you need a slow vibe). I absolutely LOVE going to get Swedish massages and pedicures. I am a full time graduate student, and working full time, so I definitely need that stress relief every now and again🙏🏻

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    For self care, I choose to workout and drink tea and relax by reading a book while enjoying a facial mask and a good exfoliation. It’s important to take care of my skin, especially after my mom imprinted this on me at a young age, she still looks fabulous so I plan on following all her tips! I refuse to look old and disheveled. I also enjoy my biweekly pedicure and trips to the mall to treat myself. I work so hard at my job while going to school full time so I definitely deserve an incentive to keep going! Self care is life changing and everyone should have their own rountine.

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    I take mental health days for self-care. I spent my day just doing all things that’ll make me happy and get me back in tune with myself. Anything from indulging in my favorite food, to face masks or hanging out with my favorite people.

  7. Avatar

    Great video! You always find ways to help others in anyway 😊

  8. Avatar

    You’re video is amazing & inspiring. Great inspo for those who live a busy life to take a break and pamper once self((:

    I know I try to make sure I take care of my morning and night skin routine. Adapting to the Korean routine which helps alot with elasticity and more brightness of the skin!

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    Self-care = bubble baths

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    My name is Cindy Ventura and i think self care is one of the most important things in life! Not only does it make you feel good but it also reflects your aura! Some of the self care things i do for myself is 1. Exfoliate daily with my Clara sonic and philosophy facial wash
    2. Use hair mask bc i have dyed hair and also go get hair treatments for my hair every 1-3 months
    3. Workout / hot yoga
    4. Dedicate an hr or so to meditate / read
    5. Nails & pedi since I deal with clients all day

  11. Avatar

    Murad mask with strawberry wine and dog cuddles.

  12. Avatar

    Love getting spray tans and my Jordan skincare routine! Best part of the day fa sho!

  13. Avatar

    Spray tans, blow outs, mani/pedis and facials!

  14. Avatar

    Love bath time for self care! Bath oil, a good book, wine, and tunes!

  15. Avatar

    I LOVED your self care video!! I can’t wait to go to Vivian’s and try their massage. I could not agree more with getting your nails done 🙌🏽 My top 5 selfcare would be : 1, pedicures!! I am a nurse and I STAY on my feet! I feel like a pedi is well deserved ☺️ 2. Treat me to Starbucks or a chocolate every now and then. I hate living a restricted diet so I feel like we should enjoy yummy foods every now and then! 3. Calling my mom!!! This is a must!! I could vent to her about ANYTHING and she never judges! Talking to her keeps me grounded 😍☺️ 4. Getting my eyebrows threaded (and top lip too 😔😩) 5. Giving yourself time to rest!! Working too much can hurt your life sooo much! So def I feel like resting for at least an hour and do whatever you want is a MUST!
    Can’t wait to see your other videos!!! So so excited to enter your giveaway too 💕💃🏽

  16. Avatar

    What I do for self-care…honestly I’ve never gotten a massage before. Except the ones my husband gives me, hahaha. But I do enjoy getting my nails done. I think ever since I became a mom self-care Is something I don’t do as much as I used to but how nice would it be to do it often?! SO NICE!!! I’m so glad you had an amazing week leading up to your birthday doing all these self-care stuff!!!

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    I love getting my nails done and putting on a face mask. I also love long showers and getting my eye brows done. Just feeling beautiful and clean is super important to make sure whatever is going on you’re confident in yourself and own skin 🙂

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    The first self care is getting a mani and pedi
    2nd self care is getting my hair done
    3rd putting on a facial mask and relaxing
    4th is having a nice warm bath with a bath bomb
    And 5th I would love to get a passage never had one and I would really need it right now first time mommy


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