Selena Inspired Jumpsuit: Miss Pap

I have never been so obsessed with a look as much as I am this one! I had always wanted to look like Selena on stage singing to Bidi bidi bam bam with all her curves and glory! Now that I have been religiously working out I can finally say I am getting there, but most importantly.. how amazing is this multi-way jumpsuit from Miss Pap look?

This jumpsuit is so amazing because you can tie it so many different ways! I chose to wrap it around my mid area in order to give my waist a smaller effect. It works out, especially if you have eaten a lot before hand! Ha!

Now I’ve been obsessing over sunglasses lately and I don’t think I can walk outside my house without some cute shades by my side. Especially when you don’t look the cutest, sunglasses can sometimes become your saving grace!

No back to this jumpsuit one more time, (I told you I was obsessed) you totally don’t have to twist it in the back like I did. This is just ONE of the many ways you can style this jumpsuit. Now the best part is that this amazing piece is only 31.99.. YASSSS!!! I got you girl!

Because I wanted to keep it simple, I just matched it with some blush heels that I got from Charlotte Ruse. You can shop the similar look from Vince Camuto in the link below!

Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did!

Jumpsuit: Miss Pap

XOXO Dani Rios

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