Red Roses: Ax Paris

If you are ever in need of a cute dress for a night out with your friends.. Ax Paris is the way to go! I went out with my friends last week and everyone was in love with my dress! Thank God I got this package earlier that day because I was about to go out looking very basic.. that is until I opened the package!

The fit on this dress is awesome, and that says a lot because as you guys have seen I am not the bustiest of girls. And that is okay.. but many dresses nowadays do not fit right because of the bust. However, this dress fit perfectly! So another bonus!

Although here in Texas it is always so freaking hot.. the temperature has dropped lately so unfortunately I could not wear the dress alone. My bomber jacket made this look even cooler, it gave me a little bit of Grease inspiration, not that I ever watched that movie but I think this is what the girls wore. Lol I could be wrong.

So if you are in need of some serious hot dresses. Stop looking and Shop Ax Paris!

Dress: Ax Paris 

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