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A Party to Remember at The Eberhard!

Feb 24, 2017 | Fashion

No one throws an awesome party like me! Party planning has always been in my nature, for as long as I can remember I liked to plan sleepovers, birthday parties, random summer parties, christmas parties.. if there was a party I could throw, trust me, I threw it!


 I mean I live to make gatherings with friends as an excuse to dress up and make memories. Unfortunately, for the past few years I haven’t been able to really have a great birthday party due to living in a different country. lol So this year I had to throw a birthday bash to celebrate my 22 years of life! Not only did all my close friends show up but I seriously had the time of my life! Thank you friends, I love you guys so much! xoxo

Special Thanks to

The Eberhard for being the perfect venue for my party! You guys are amazing!

Thank you to Flirty Girl Lash Studio for making my lashes always look bomb!

For the girl that made me look fabulous on this day! I wouldn’t of been this cute in pictures without your amazing makeup skills! Thank you Des! For anything beauty check out her IG here! She does it all!!


I love you Frank! You are my biggest fan and I wouldn’t be in the spot I am today without your encouragement and love! Thank you for always being there for me no matter what! You are my RIDE or DIE forreal!


Shout out to Ashley Meza for coming to my party and creating a recap video! (Start at 11:36) You’re the best boo!


To the girls I see almost everyday of my life, thank you for putting up with me! Haha Together we are going places!! You guys are my Girl Bosses and I am so thankful for your friendship! xoxo


Haha I love this picture of my co-worker and I. He claims he has a girlfriend in India waiting on him to go back, but we all know I am his KWEEN. Love you Gopi!!

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A Party without Joanna is simply not a party. She is the party enhancer and the funniest most amazing boss woman I have ever met. Be scared of her. She is the realest! Lol



These ladies make me look so basic. They are PROS at doing make-up and they are also some of the hottest girls around! Haha I love you guys so much, you guys have the sweetest spirit and I am truly so happy we are friends!


To the men in my life and these amazing Dallas entrepreneurs.. you guys sure know how to dress and bring the style out of any day.. even brunch. Lol!


These two girls bring such amazing fun to my life. I am sad we haven’t been able to travel together, but when we do.. we WILL have the time of our lives! Haha Also, they’re fashion never fails me!




Thank you to Creme de la Cookie for my amazing cake! Thought Bad and Boujee was appropriate for my life this year.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.20.24 PM




Wish I could’ve written a note about everyone at my party, but I think everyone knows how I feel about them and how much I truly love them.


Last but not least, thank you to my best friends for life for being there for me! To 12 years of friendship and counting! What have we not said about each other?  haha no one knows us best like this group right here! love you guys! xoxo