I have been trying to come out with my own designs for shirts and sweatshirts for a while now. So as soon as the fall semester ended, I made it my mission to finish this project. I wanted to make a simple little design because I didn’t want anything too overwhelming. The design doesn’t have any deep meaning to it, it just literally means “no filter”. Lol

The actual “no filter” design is made out of gold foil, which I personally love. When it catches the light it looks so awesome and makes the gold shine.

Now I didn’t actually design the sweatshirt myself, but the cool crop top vibe that it gives made me choose this particular design. You can dress it down like I did in my first look: bf jeans, flats and a shirt wrapped around my waist (my favorite). I think this is laid back look and a fashionable approach to effortless style. This sweatshirt is also pretty warm, so even on cold winter days it’s a pretty good option for during the day.

 My flats are not actually the famous 995$ Valentino flats, but you can get these similar ones for 135$. Cute right? No one will ever know the difference if you walk past them. Lol

In look #2 I dressed this sweatshirt up a little with a jean pencil skirt and heels. These heels have honestly become my favorite, so chic! The cream and black snake skin make it so easy to pair with many things. Vince Camuto has some that are very similar in the link below.

 I only made a few of these sweatshirts because I really want to focus on my t-shirts. However, a nice cozy sweatshirt is a much better choice for the winter right now. So if you want to purchase one make sure to let me know before they run out!  🙂


Jeans: Nordstrom

Jean Skirt : Forever21

Sweater: Email me to purchase //

Flats: Style Tread

Heels: Nordstrom

XOXO Dani Rios

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