Mystical Lace Up

As the month of February has come to an end I would like to thank everyone for the amazing birthday wishes this year! Honestly I was excited to turn 21, but as the day was swiftly approaching I started to become melancholy. The reason being was that as I was growing up I had always envisioned I would have a set plan for my life by 21, but because my life took so many unexpected turns last year, my vision did not come true. However, as I started 2016 I knew that this was my year to make things happen! I would go with the flow but still keep my goals as top priority. So, with that being said, I am beyond excited to let you know I will be reinventing my brand, bringing the best content ever while also starting my first youtube channel! In honor of my 21st I decided I would do a cool, fun shoot with my friend, Ruben in Fort Worth. It was my very first time actually exploring this cool town and I never thought I would say this, but I loved it. Now I know why Katey Mcfarlan loves it so much!!

I wanted to use balloons for a fun effect, and honestly I had so much fun incorporating them into the shoot. I actually had 5 balloons, but as the wind was blowing and we were moving locations, they were flying away. Knowing me, I screamed and then laughed about it, but I am so happy the pictures came out just as cute with just 3 balloons. I was able to enjoy myself as people stared and wondered why I was jumping for this picture.

Choosing my look for this shoot was easy. I knew that I wanted to showcase this beautiful dress that I have kept hidden in my closet for 4 years now! I found that I never really had an occasion to wear it, but also I knew that this dress was on the riskier side due to the open back and short skirt underneath.

I love having edge to everything I wear and although this dress was showcasing more of a girly side of me, I was able to grunge it up with these artsy and punk locations.

I personally love the details on this lace dress and the delicate flower/lace pattern. I think that was what made me attracted to the dress in the first place. With the right accessories, I think this dress could pass as more formal, or you could style this dress with a jacket to make it more casual. I also love the versatility of the high and low skirt vibe and even tying a knot on the side would be totally cute!

Picked out similar options for you guys on this look






Necklace: SydneyEvan

Heel: Lulus

Here are a few others pictures that Ruben has taken for my blog.

Here is a little interview I had with my friend Ruben. He is an amazing Dallas based photographer. Ruben captured these amazing pictures of me, and I was so inspired by him.

BIO: My name is Ruben Gomez, I’m an amateur photographer/graphic designer based in Dallas. I started photography at 15 years old really just as a little hobby. Ever since then it’s really just been a long learning process which continues to this day. Before that I had never really payed attention to Dallas and everything in it, but with a camera by my side it really opened up a whole new world for me. I started taking the train to downtown almost every weekend with my homies and we would just kick it and take pictures. I started to see more and more photographers on Instagram from Dallas who were taking really dope photos around the city and immediately I knew that I wanted to do the same.My favorite subjects to shoot are people, especially people that others would probably tend to skim past and ignore. I also love cityscapes and exploring new rooftops around Dallas, but really I just enjoy taking pictures of anything that catches my eye whether it’s a look up shot, a nice portrait, a reflection, etc. To check out more of my work please visit my Instagram page at

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