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You didn’t go to Mexico City if you don’t go here

My favorite spot ever called Coyoacan


I absolutely love to share everything it has to offer

Mexico City is where I was born, where I have visited most of my life, and it was where I really became the person I am today. I moved to Mexico City after living in the states almost my whole life and in those years I was able to enjoy Mexico even more than I had before as well as appreciate it. It molded me to become even more proud of my culture, and I absolutely love to share everything it has to offer because it is full of adventures and food.

DISCLAIMER: If you want a tour around Mexico City you will have to stay for more than 3 days, lol Mexico City is such huge city with so many things to visit, and there is crazy traffic so I would suggest staying 4-5 days in order to get the full experience.

One of the very first things I do when I get to Mexico City is visit my favorite spot ever called Coyoacan. Coyoacan is a former village that honestly has kept it’s history throughout the years, it always just makes me happy as I walk on the cobblestone eating churros, street corn, and appreciate the beautiful church, and artisans around.

This place is great to spend an early morning where you can have breakfast and enjoy the calmness of the city, while walking around and enjoying the different crafts and food, as well as visit Frida Kahlos house around the corner (which I’ve never done haha). They have several bazaars you can shop at too, and they also have THE BEST churros and coffee in my opinion.



This is my list of events when I visit Coyoacan.

  1. Get a mocha frappe at Cafe el Jarocho (super famous coffee spot) Theres two, but you want to go to the main one by downtown Coyoacan.
  2. Get churros next to Cafe el Jarocho, it’s literally like two shops next to them. They have stuffed churros and regular ones. I always get the regular ones. So yummy!
  3. Then I walk around get street corn, usually theres several vendors around but if there isn’t you can walk to the Coyaocan Market where I am sure you will find them.
  4. I also always get a mini ice cream from the famous Ice cream shop called Tepoznieves.  They even have a tequila flavor! LOL
  5. Then I usually walk around and on my way out I grab another frappe because they are that GOOD!
  6. If you have extra time and want to shop I suggest going to the Oasis Coyoacan for some shopping. Super cute shopping center!

Now, my ultimate favorite coffee shop in Mexico City is called Cielito Querido. Why? Because they have the most Mexican drinks and they’re all so good!!! I used to have one everyday after school during my senior year (probably not good for me lol) But Cielito > Starbucks any day. There are Cielitos all over town but I am about to give you a day tour guide that will make you the most productive, but hey, if you see one near you you can never have enough Cielito! 😛

As a tourist, I know on your list is going to be ‘visit the Soumaya museum‘, because it’s like THE spot lol You didn’t go to Mexico City if you don’t go here. So what do I suggest for you to do?

Wake up early and head over to the Soumaya Musuem for your pictures, then of course if you want to go inside and checkout the art you totally can! Next, walk over to Palacio de los Palacios, this is where you will get your breakfast. The have El Moro Churros, as well as different stalls that you can get food from all inside a fancy department store aka the Neimans of Mexico City.


One yummy place I enjoy that’s healthy is called Ojo de Agua, they have a really yummy chicken sandwhich I love! Once you’re done, GPS and walk over to the Cielito that is nearby and grab a little drink to-go.

My favorite drinks are frapps de Chocolate con Chile ( always almond milk), Cappuccino, Horchata, and Ponche. They’re all bomb and you can’t go wrong with anything there. Once you are done getting your must drink walk over to Antara Fashion Hall. It’s beautiful and you should at least take a lap to go see it!

Now I know you’re already asking about the tacos, and let me just tell you there are tacos EVERYWHERE. So how to pick the good ones? Well just go where there is a line lol that’s basically it. My top favorite taco spots are called El Fogon (literally best customer service ever) they have several locations around town but make sure it’s Taquerias El Fogon! You can also ask around for a “Mercado” which are little markets that pop up around town on different days and you will get the best authentic Mexican food there. However, these places are not touristy at all so I would suggest going with someone that’s from there. Unless you aren’t afraid on being thrown into the real Mexico.

Another place I suggest visiting is called Mercado Roma, especially if you are staying near La Condesa.

This place is a “Mercado” but an upscale one. So they will have some crazy culinary experiences for you and will be filled with some traditional Mexican items but with a twist. If you watch the Bachelor, this is the place Ben took the girls one a group date, and then where everyone kept making fun of Olivias breath. LOL

If you go to Mercado Roma, you can drive by the Angel of Independence before or after and get some cool shots of it too! Theres not much to see besides that so you can do both of these in a few hours. You can also go to the El Pendulo, for a coffee and sight see, it’s a pretty cool library.

You can always take a walk on Masaryk if you’re feeling like a baller, this place is like a mini Rodeo dr. so perfect if you’re wanting to spend some big bucks.

Another great spot to visit is the Castle of Chapultepec. Now let me just warn you that this will be more like a whole day excursion, so be aware of that. Here is how to plan for that, wake up early! Trust me, I keep saying that because theres traffic at all hours of the day and if you really want to get the most out of your visit you will have to do that. Get dropped off infront of the castle and maybe you’ll be able to see the Danza De Los Voladores. Its a MesoAmerican ritual and it is performed throughout the day! This is honestly a sight to see, these men are literally flying in the air and the only thing grabbing them is their feet!


So anyway, lets say you leave your place by 9am to head over to the Castle. Once you get dropped off in the front, you have two options, you can get Starbucks for breakfast, or you can visit the cute library/coffee shop in front of it. It’s also a library and has a little cute patio that overlooks the little boat rides and paddle boards.

Get yourself a snack and start heading up the castle! It takes about 20 minutes to get up lol so take comfortable shoes! Once you are there you will have to pay I believe around $59 pesos which is equivalent to like $3 (probably less than your coffee breakfast) or if you are a student you get in for free. Once you are inside the castle go explore! It’s beautiful and if you really want to walk around and emerge yourself in the experience and history the tour will take about 3 hours total.

Once you’re done exploring all the vendors at the bottom of the castle will be there. So get yourself some food there, or you can also go to restaurants near Reforma.

Now if you want to do something not so touristy, I would suggest making your way to Santa Fe. You can go to the most beautiful park ever called Parque la Mexicana. It’s seriously amazzzinnggggg, but first if you want to get some cute grammable things you should stop by Flora Cafe! Its literally the cutest, girliest, coffee shop I’ve ever been in!

Then you can go to the park and enjoy the day! They also a restaurant there if you want to grab breakfast while enjoying the park view, and then walk around.

Now a MUST when I go to Mexico City is La Marquesa! This is a little out of the city so I would take a whole day to go here but its so worth it!!

La Marquesa is a National Park with tons to do and away from the crazy city. That is why I love coming here, its seriously so peaceful and you get to really enjoy nature in a different way. I suggest going there in the morning and  eating breakfast there near the park. Now this is a huge place, so theres several park areas within the park so look to see which one looks the most fun and stop there. Some of them have 4-wheelers, others race cars, but for the most part there will be horses no matter where you stop.

There are millions of little house-like houses you can go inside and eat at and I am sure you won’t go wrong. They usually make quesadillas with blue corn too! So be on the lookout for that! Once you’re done eating, make your way to whatever activity you want to do! I always go on an hour long horse ride through the mountains, and then sometimes ill do the 4-wheelers. There is also a cool land line you can ask for! In the houses there usually serve liquor too, so getting a pina colada is a must! They make it inside an actual pineapples with little faces and its just the cutest! Tons of desserts too, but once you’re completely done here make sure yo check out the famous Fresas del km. 23 1/2!



So there you go! Here is my Mexico City tour that I hope you enjoy! This is what I do every time I visit and I hope it gives you a more organized plan on your visit!


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