Perfect Vday Gift: LoveYou Collection

So Valentines Day is coming up, and although I haven’t had a Valentines for four years straight I think I know a little thing or two about appropriate v-day gifts. First off, if you have been dating for two weeks this post is not for you. Lol This post is for actual couples that can say ‘I love you’ or ‘love you’  to each other. Hence, this amazing turtleneck from the LoveYou Collection created by my very talented friend Dillon. ( Check his fashion blog post here)

I am actually obsessed with turtlenecks I think they make you look so classy and classic. They are the perfect item to wear with every bottom imaginable and they are very comfy to wear.

I honestly would love this turtleneck as a gift If I didn’t already have it. I mean what better way to tell your significant other how much you love them then by simply “showing them” with this turtleneck, although you might have to add a few other things to make the gift Valentines Day worthy.

Now the best part about it though is that it’s unisex, whether you’re a girl that wants your man to look stylish, or a guy that wants your girl to wear this every time she’s with you, this is the perfect gift for them!

I paired mine with my ripped jeans and tights because I better jump on this trend before it annoys me. Trust me, it already has.

So shop the collection today and show your bae how much you appreciate them! To get this look shop below and have a great Valentines Day Guys! xoxo

Turtleneck: Love you Collection

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