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Now I can count on my Kleenex wipes to help me get through these situations.

As a food blogger things can’t get messy most of the time, from moving food items around to make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing to holding things that are sticky for the best dynamic picture can be tricky. I hate having dirty hands and then proceeding to touch my camera to make sure the shots look nice, and then holding my phone full of germs to take a shot for the gram and proceeding to grabbing the food I am about to eat. So you see? This is my everyday dilemma, except now I can count on my Kleenex wipes to help me get through these situations.

I love the packaging but most importantly the help me clean up all the mess from my everyday job. To shop your Kleenex wipes click here. Also download the Ibotta App to get $1 off.


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Editor of LittleMixico.com

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