Jamba Smoothie Bowl Party!

A few days ago I was given the honor of hosting my very own Jamba Juice Smoothie Bowl Bar Party with my friends! What is a smoothie bowl bar party, you may ask? Well, now Jamba Juice delivers already made smoothie bases, with all the toppings that could go into a smoothie bowl straight to your door (Frisco locations only)! So whether you just had a great fitness class with friends, or simply just want some smoothie bowls for a party, Jamba Juice is the place to get them from! My friends and I absolutely loved them!

Everyone was able to make their own customized bowl and it was so fun to see all the different toppings we could have as well as different bases and a juice bar! So lets say you are not a fan of the cold, you can totally order a yogurt base or chia pudding and make your own parfaits.

We had an amazing time working out with my trainer Michelle, and let me tell you.. SHE WORKED US OUT! So of course, having our little bowls brought back our energy and we were ready to conquer that day! It was awesome.

Thank you Jamba Juice for the Smoothie Bowls! I will most likely be hosting another party soon lol!


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