Its A Secret Med Spa: IV Hydration + B12 shot

Summer is almost here and I shall not suffer from dehydration anymore! I am so bad at drinking water. I can go a whole day without even feeling thirsty which is so bad, because then I get terrible headaches. This issue is what led me to try out the new IV Therapy Treatment at Its A Secret Med Spa! But let’s be honest, I am not the only one that doesn’t drink enough water during the day. We all forgot how much water we should intake daily. We should know all the benefits of hydration like improved skin texture and brightness, quicker muscle recovery, and boosted overall wellness.

What is IV Therapy? Its a mixture of vitamins and medications we mix into the IV to promote cell regeneration, boost metabolism, and improvement in neurological function. We mix thiamine, folic acid into our IVs for hydration straight to your blood stream and cells.

IV Therapy can be for ANYONE. You don’t have to be hungover as most people believe. While it will cure your hangover, it has so many other amazing benefits.

How long does the treatment last? And what is the cost? It takes 30-45 minutes. There is no down time and you can go about your day how you normally would. Price is $175 or $125 for our VIP members. With It’s A Secret Med Spa Membership you can get discounts on all of our services and a weekly B-12 shot included.

I also got a B-12 Shot that is included in their IV Therapy Treatment. My grandpa is a doctor so I had recently told him about becoming a vegetarian/pescetarian. He told me to be careful and to make sure I got my B12 since I was no longer going to get it from protein like chicken or beef.

When Rebecca from Its A Secret told me this shot was included I was so excited!

B-12 shots are included in the therapy which boost energy and metabolism and aid in weight loss if done consistently. Body builders and anyone into fitness can benefit from hydration and quicker muscle recovery. We have a lot of people come in after traveling to cure jet lag and fatigue.

Happy Hydrating Babes!

Stay tuned for more amazing treatments coming up on my blog! xoxo

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