2018 My Year Through Relationships

I started  2018 really strong, and my busy lifestyle kept me occupied most of the time from really digging dip into my feelings and getting too emotional over anything. This year my relationships took a toll on me, it caused me never ending emotional rollercoasters, some good some bad but both very important in order to grow and learn something that I would take into 2019.

Advanced Clinicals: My Review

Skincare can be tricky at times because there are so many products out there and how can you be sure what will work and what you should spend your money on? Well, you can’t ever be completely sure because all our skin types are different, however Advanced Clinicals has a great price point because everything is under $30, but you would never be able to tell because there products are truly amazing and work so well.


Thanksgiving Shopping

I have rounded up some of the best sales for black friday and also some of my favorite stuff that I think you will love for the holidays for your or gifts!

Natural Fall Skin Care Routine with Burt’s Bees®

No one will ever take care of your skin like you take care of it, so why not take care of it with some of the best ingredients out there! I have partnered up with Burt’s Bees® to teach you about some of their products and why they are a perfect brand to try out!

Clean Eating in Dallas

Excited to share with you guys some spots that make it easy to not eat junk food and help me get closer to my fitness goals. I love these places and each place brings something unique to my fitness journey so here are the deets!

Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City is where I was born, where I have visited most of my life, and it was where I really became the person I am today. I moved to Mexico City after living in the states almost my whole life and in those years I was able to enjoy Mexico even more than I had before as well as appreciate it.

#BecauseSummer with Malibu

Miami has been such a great city to visit for me this year, not only is it filled with amazing adventures, it is also filled with some of the best people I’ve ever met. I love being able to make friends anywhere in the world with my job, but most importantly I love connecting with people that I can share these adventures with.

Top Summer Beauty Products

The summer heat is CRAZY so I have rounded up my favorite beauty items that I’v been using this summer. Not only will you feel fabulous but you will also look fresh despite how hot the weather gets! 

Swim Week 2018 Recap

It’s official, I have finally been admitted into the Miami Swim Week world. For the past couple of years, I have known about Swim Week and although I knew a little about it it before going for the first time it was nothing compared to what I actually experienced! It was the most amazing 9 days and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Top Summer Vegan Products

I know this is probably terrible to say, but I love to tan. I love the sun, I love being tan and I love the beach hence, all my Miami trips. Well we all know that being out in the sun can cause your skin some major dehydration and by the end of the day it probably screams for some TLC, that is why I always carry my  Source Vital natural products with me!

You Must Have These Goodies


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