Holiday Journey with Doves #ShakeSprayGo

The Holiday Seasons are always busy for me, especially now that I have a full time job and have to leave things ready before headed to vacation. Earlier this year, I did a campaign for  Dove and WeAllGrow Latina Network for  Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, along with other Dallas Bloggers. At this time I was still living in Mexico City. Now let me tell you a funny story.. basically, I bought this flight ticket from San Antonio to Mexico City because I would’ve spent about $300 dollars more leaving from Dallas. So I bought the ticket for my flight at 3:30 am that Sunday, however, I had this Dove Blogger Party in Dallas the night before.

 I also didn’t have a car so I decided to take a bus from Dallas to San Antonio at 8pm that night to catch my 3 am flight the next day. Any who the night of the blogger party I left a little bit earlier with all my luggage to head to the bus station to leave to SA. Turns out my uber got lost and I missed my bus, this is where all my anxiety kicked in and I was having a full on meltdown scared that I would miss my SA flight. I took the next bus to SA, and managed to  yet again, get another uber to the airport. Thank God I made it in time to catch my flight for Mexico City. I arrived at 11:15am in Mexico… so basically I was running around for about 26 hours. Throughout this whole flight I used my Dove Spray and seriously guys.. it worked. I arrived to Mexico and my family didn’t even know I had done that whole excursion. I seriously felt so fresh the whole time even though I was running around like a maniac. 

So now to this upcoming holiday season, going through black Friday sales to find the perfect Christmas gifts,

shooting for the blog, editing and writing, oh and making sure I get good workouts in, as well as working a full time job I need to find a way to stay fresh.

With Dove’s dry spray all you have to do is shake, spray and go. You get 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. It truly is a product to live by, I am so happy I can do what needs to get done while still feeling and smelling great. Trust me, sweat is not a good look or smell on anyone. 

XOXO Dani Rios

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