Edgy Celebration

So guys, I have reached 4k followers on Instagram. I know it’s not necessarily a huge milestone but when you have learned details about most of these 4k followers lives then it does make a difference. It’s amazing how many people I’ve met through social media and how close we have become. I love that you can follow peoples lives and see all the time and effort that they put into each picture, as well as all the memories they decide to share with the world.

I think Instagram is all about displaying an amazing gallery for people to see and a gallery that can draw people in. I want to make sure I always have the best content for everyone, because I never want to me mediocre in the things I do.

I  want to thank each and every one of you that has followed me and supported me picture after picture.. and memory after memory.. You guys keep me motivated to be the best version of myself!

This outfit is came about because my whole closet was left in Mexico City. Therefore I have to use what I can! This is actually a mens shirt that my friend let borrow. I fell in love with it!! It’s so my style, it’s edgy and cool! Of course, I just had to pair it with my fringe boots.. because come on!! How cute are they?? Some little braids and I totally felt like Kim K that day! minus the booty and boobs! LOL


Skirt: Asos

Shirt: Ebay

Heels: Lolli Couture

Choker: Nasty Gal

XOXO Dani Rios

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