Distressed Denim Jacket

I just loveeee distressed denim, and I definitely think a distressed jacket is a must have in everyones closet. It makes you look so cool and effortless. I actually bought my distressed jacket ages ago, but I would never wear it because I always thought it was way too loud. LOL I know right?….like Daniela not wanting to be loud? Shocker. But yes, I actually thought it was a really obnoxious piece which made it really hard for me to pair it with an outfit.

Nevertheless, I think now that my style has changed, I am able to wear it really easily. I pretty much just tend to wear it with a black pant, plain top and timbs.. Super easy and edgy!

If you have a plain denim jacket at home I encourage you to be creative, have fun, and rip it apart! You can totally make this must have for your closet! But for those that want to be lazy and just want to buy it already..

Here are a few picks similar to mine including the exact same one from Blu Jeans! 🙂

Side Note: Coal N Terry has some amazing vintage jackets! Definitely so lucky I came by this site one day! Check it out!

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