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You can order online and they deliver around Dallas.

They use 75% organic ingredients


Everything they fry here is gluten-free

Excited to share with you guys some spots that make it easy to not eat junk food and help me get closer to my fitness goals. I love these places and each place brings something unique to my fitness journey so here are the deets!

  1. Reful

In the video below you can see why I love Reful and also Chris, the owner gives some background on what it is called that. Most prepped meals I’ve had are just not very filling, and they also don’t taste very good, but at Reful everything I’ve picked up is seriously amazing! They are perfect when I am on the go but also help me have energy all day even after my tiring workouts. Right now they are having a special where you can get 5 meals for $25 which is a STEAL. So make sure to get on that and try them out! You can order online and they deliver around Dallas.


2. Natures Plate

This place is also amazing and they just opened up a new store on Preston! When I was sticking to veganism Natures Plate was a great place to go to because they had great ready to-go plant based meals! I love knowing that no matter if I get their tamale pie, soups, or their desserts they use 75% organic ingredients in everything they cook. They also have an open kitchen where you can see how they make all their meals. Now they are even selling smoothie kits, so just buy several of these and you can make your very own smoothie at home just like at their stores.



3. Freshii 

Freshii has been a lunch staple of mine for awhile now, every time I am super busy in the mornings I usually want a bigger lunch so I get the bowls and salads from here. I loveee their Market and Fiesta salad with the steak protein! So yummy. This is the perfect place to get lunch with someone if you are both trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. There are also several locations around town, so if you want to pick up, you can use the app and order ahead of time.


4. Hat Creek Burger Company 

Hat Creeks goals is to become the best fast-casual, family-friendly restaurant in the country and honestly I think they can do it! I freaking love their chicken flashers because they are made with real chicken but also they are not greasy like other places. Everything they fry here is gluten-free, which is great for kids with allergies. I always get the 4 pack or even a kids meal if you want to get a light snack that day. I also love their grain burger, which is an alternative to their regular never frozen patties. Seriously, this place is underated!

Watch the full tour on each of these places!! You won’t regret trying them out.


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