Veggie Lasagna with Dona Maria

It’s been exactly two weeks since I decide to become vegeterian/pescetarian. Honestly, I have to start changing my eating habits if I want to see my abs come through for the summer.

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22nd Birthday Lunch With The Baes

So I turned 22 guys. It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come from last year. Seriously, it’s really amazing, but first and foremost I know it’s because God has given me

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Austin Trip 2016

There is nothing more refreshing than to take trips with friends! I knew that this labor day weekend I was not just going to sit at home but I really wanted to make memories.

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Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Hot Chocolate is actually good for any time of the season, but this mexican kind always reminds me of the holidays.

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Danis Chicken Salad

Okay, so my favorite thing in the world is ROASTED CHICKEN. It’s legit the best! What other food can you think of that is already made, healthy…

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Proof That Bloggers Are Obsessed With This One Accessory

For some reason, waffles always remind me of vacation. Maybe it’s because I associate them with hotels where you can make your own waffles for breakfast. So when I make them at home, it always feels like a special occasion. These waffles would be perfect for a holiday...

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