Clean Eating in Dallas

Excited to share with you guys some spots that make it easy to not eat junk food and help me get closer to my fitness goals. I love these places and each place brings something unique to my fitness journey so here are the deets!

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Encanto Pops

Encanto Pops has all of these things! From stuffed churros, to takis locos, and a variety of popsicles you will never get tired of this place this summer. I am also soooo excited to tell you that an Agua Fresca is named after me, so when you visit ask for the LittleMixico. It has a special ingredient that I am personally a big fan of, aka ginger.

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Water Grill Freshness

Now to the food. Camille and I actually went with the Water Grill staff to pick up our own fresh seafood from the airport! Yup, we picked it up and ate it that same day! Shipments arrive from California at least 5 times a week, which means you really are getting the best and freshest seafood at Water Grill at all times.  It was so fun to see how the cargo comes in, and how everything is alive in boxes before it gets to Water Grill.

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#MiKroger Holiday Recipe

I must say, she did a freaking amazing job cause these veggies were so delicious. The avocado tomatillo salsa verde sauce it was made these carrots and brussels sprouts so different, it was tangy a little spicy and just that perfect latin twist you would need for a holiday potluck

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Jamba Smoothie Bowl Party!

A few days ago I was given the honor of hosting my very own Jamba Juice Smoothie Bowl Bar Party with my friends! What is a smoothie bowl bar party, you may ask?

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State Fair of Texas Food

I’m really not going to say anything besides that I ate a lot and here are the pictures to prove it! Also, I am here to tell you what was worth it and what was NOT! So get ready to make that last trip to the Fair this week! Fair ends Oct. 22nd! 🙂

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#Staycation in Dallas

It has been said that staycations are the best kind of vacations. Which I think in this case, was not true. Although I did have a blast, it was more of a workcation because we

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Calling All Margarita Lovers

By now you should know that my love for margaritas is on another level. I think it’s honestly the salty rim (if you get sugar rim you’re doing it wrong) that gets me every time. It’s the taste of acidity with that smooth tequila that I think just makes it my favorite drink ever. Also, they always look so cute, no matter where you get them.

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